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Your Body Orchestra

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Have you ever sang a song and felt like it wasn't quite in tune or that hitting high notes in the chorus didn't come as easily as it should? That your tone was mediocre or at best thin and lacking resonance? That you completely missed the momentum due to your vocal inadequacies?

That you spend hours reading blogs and searching YouTube to find hints on how to correct your technique, even trying a multitude of tips here and there but nothing seems to fix your problem?Do you notice that some strategies even make your voice worse?And you just have NO IDEA what to do next? So you grab your phone, open your Karaoke app and search for the perfect song in the perfect key to match your vocal skills...Because there's got to be a song that won't disclose your vocal weaknesses while still making you look cool :) It's been discouraging to try all these vocal tips and not really see much improvement. You feel defeated not being able to point out exactly what it is that you're doing wrong. You wonder: “Why is singing SO hard for me?”, “Is it just ME?”, “May be I'm just not CUT OUT for singing...” In the end, you pass up songs that you really love and connect with in favor of those in your comfortable range. You settle for LESS slowly loosing faith in your capabilities. The vocal apparatus is like a full orchestra.What happens when a flutist inadvertently skips a note? Other flutists hear the dissonance and question whether or not they are the ones who made the mistake. They try adjusting by making sure they are reading the right bar. The momentary distraction slows them down creating further latency issues. The whole section starts falling apart. Other musicians also notice something isn't quite right. The conductor gives all flutists the big eyes and she feels small on her chair but tries not to let it show! The whole orchestra is now out of synch although no one is really able to tell what's going on. The flutist at fault finally finds her place and catches up with the rest of the musicians hoping and praying that no one knows it was her mishap! But deep down, she fears that if this happens too often, her secret will be uncovered. She will become a liability for the orchestra. Her confidence takes a hit...Singing is the same: except you ARE the orchestra! Every section of your body instrument must work independently yet together to produce the most beautiful sound you have ever heard.Imagine what it would be like if you could identify every single issue with how you produce sound and apply positive changes. It is often the combination of many problems that create vocal tension, restrict range, diminish volume and limit your overall talent. Fixing just a couple of them at a time is not going to help. It may actually hinder your progress by creating more problems when other muscles try to compensate. What you need, is expert advice from a vocal coach who can identify EXACTLY what those issues are. ALL of them. A vocal coach who can tailor her program specifically to you to create simple yet effective remediation.

How amazing would it be to follow a CLEAR learning path that takes you from point A to B straight to your outcome of EFFORTLESS singing?You could sing any song you want like you're feeling it, whenever you want and without hurting your precious vocal cords. You would have the confidence to sign up for any auditions and impress judges with your versatile and stunning choice of challenging songs.You would sing your heart out because your mind is free to focus on emotions as opposed to technique. Your audience would be pulled right in captivated by every word coming out of your mouth. You would start building a name for yourself and get recognized for your work.This would bring more and more opportunities for the music career you seek.If this is what you want, if you want to sing with complete vocal freedom and emotional power, let me take you on that journey in order to meet your vocal goals once and for all.I share my simple 5-step winning strategies in my masterclass. All you have to do, is sign up and watch! Register here:



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