Hello, I'm Valerie Bastien, I help singers achieve vocal freedom by removing tensions from their voice so that they stop straining, maximize their range and power, and unleash their creative talent to fully express themselves in music. I draw upon many techniques to address individual areas of need.  From Bel Canto to modern contemporary rock and pop styles, developing a beautiful, vibrant, powerful, rich and balanced tone is my primary focus.  My intuitive singing approach and healthy vocal strategies allow massive artistic growth and the skills to perform at the highest levels, whether it is on the road or in the studio.  Find your dynamic singing voice and maintain it!

It is with this in mind that I created Voice Yourself Singing, one of the most sought after vocal programs with students of varying backgrounds and music styles.  I work with singers who are serious about singing and want to perform at their best, including semi-professional singers and touring artists.  

Formerly trained as a classical singer, I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts (Specialization in Music Performance) from Concordia University in 1998.  In that last year of schooling, I underwent tonsil and adenoids removal surgery.   Because this change affected the way I perceived my voice, I struggled to sing following the surgery.  This made me so sad, that I ALMOST QUIT SINGING!  However, with vocal exploration and perseverance I was able to overcome my trauma.  Little did I know that this nightmare would create the blue print for my singing methods.  This experience has given me the strategies not only to gain a deep and thorough understanding of the vocal instrument but also to develop an unmatched ability to identify singing tension and rehabilitate the voice accordingly.


During my time of uncertainty, I decided to become a school teacher and later graduated from University of Ottawa in 2003 with a second BA in Education.  Thanks to my classroom teaching years (2003 to date), I meet students expectations by clearly and effectively delivering content, I resourcefully adapt to any learning styles with differentiation and I perform in highly stressful conditions; strong work ethics that I equally integrate to my vocal coaching.

While leading a dual career in education and as a vocal coach I realized that many teachers in my community suffered from vocal fatigue.  I was inspired to combine my passion for singing and education by writing “Voice Yourself In The Classroom” a book that is directly intended to meet the vocal demands of teachers.  It specializes on finding one’s natural dynamic speaking voice: a voice that will project easily, feel good, sound great and of course last.   

Here's in an interesting fact: if you have ever set foot in Old Montreal during the mid-nineties, you might have heard my coloratura voice resonate throughout Place Jacques-Cartier where I was once regularly performing opera arias.  Although nowadays I have found my niche in education, I still enjoy singing with my guitar and writing my own music.  My classical training, colorful tone and French accent make for a unique sound.  I am currently working on some fun dance-pop material that I hope to release in the near future.  Stay tuned! 

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