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TOP 10 Tips to Sing Better

Singing is supposed to be easy. It's not complicated to learn how to sing better with the right approach. Here are the fundamentals of building effective vocal technique.


  1. Watch your posture: Stand straight and roll your shoulders back. Look forward.

  2. Plan your breath: Take deep breaths to support your voice when you sing.

  3. Use diaphragmatic support: Use up your air to propel your voice according to pitch.

  4. Enunciate: Understanding lyrics is important to your audience and it makes you look more confident as a singer.

  5. Find your placement: Place your voice according to the tone you wish to produce. It could be breathy, clean, thin, full, raspy, light, heavy, etc...

  6. Watch your pitch: Listen to yourself and the music carefully to stay in key during singing.

  7. Watch your rhythm: Listen to yourself and the music carefully to keep the rhythm. Tap your foot to match the rhythm of the song.

  8. Do not push your voice: If you need to push hard to sing high, you need to revisit your singing technique as this is a sign of straining and it will lead to vocal fatigue.

  9. Put some soul into it: Study the lyrics to figure out what the song means to you and sing it from your heart. Use your acting skills to convey your emotions in a way that is at once persuasive and authentic.

  10. Have fun! Forget about what may go right or wrong and just enjoy yourself. Relax and go for it!

I have a simple yet effective game plan to help you learn how to sing better and achieve your vocal goal and propel yourself to success. Book your FREE consultation to find out how you can make this happen!

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