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What's Your Dream?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I LOVE to dream. And to dream BIG at that! Are you a dreamer too? You can't control what happens to you but you can control your response to events. The vibes you project into the Universe attract and introduce you to the best information available, take you to the right place at the right time, bring the right people into your life, surround you with protection and love, heal your body and soothe your soul.

The present is at once your past and future because what happens behind closed eyes encompasses all about what it means to feel alive and live a meaningful life. Dreaming provides an endless and continuous outlet for creation. It's your mojo! When you keep the energy current active, wonderful things start happening.

If you're a little bit like me, you thrive on those invigorating feelings to guide you towards your next best move. When I dream, I feel inspired. And when I feel inspired, following my dreams creates an unfolding path to success. There are no more dilemmas, only clear options and effortless movement towards my goals.

And it all starts in the MIND and HEART.

When you close your eyes, does the quiet sound of your voice and music appease your soul?

Is imagining a life driven by the love of singing a part of your ideal mental health and happiness?

It sounds crazy that such a simple thing as singing does so much. But it's true! And if you're a singer, you get that! Others might not but you do because you know how it makes you FEEL. And it makes you feel GOOD. REALLY good!

So don't let others influence what takes place between your ears. Give yourself permission to let in bigger than life dreams and trust that you are guided to your purpose. As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to dreams there are two types of singers:

There are those who (secretly or not) want to be famous in order to make an impact around the world with their voice and music.


There are those who don't care about money and fame. Singers who just want to sing for themselves because it makes them happy.

You want to be a rock star? That's awesome! You just want to sing in your bedroom and for your family? No problem! Either way, that's cool! Imagine yourself in a setting that you are comfortable with and which brings you JOY!

The nature of the dream itself doesn't matter because the process is the same. Dream it along with achievable steps to get you there. Trust in that you are taken care of and that whatever happens is for the best. The end result may not be what you had envisioned but it will surely allow you to live a life of no regrets. And this is fundamental to living a FULFILLING life.

Here are some ideas of what to dream about on your singing journey:

Imagine the freedom of belting and hitting all of the high notes of that song you always wanted to sing but haven't been able to quite yet. Let it fill you with satisfaction.

Mentally prepare for every aspect of your performance by visualizing it entirely in your mind.

Run through your set list and feel the pride of singing at your best.

Include thoughts of singing during a home live stream, at an open mic night or at a karaoke bar.

Imagine your audition and hear congratulatory words from judges at the end of it.

Pretend that you are recording at a top notch music studio instead of your kitchen.

Get excited at the thought of listening to your songs on the radio or appearing on television.

Fantasize about singing in a concert hall full of enthused fans.

Revel in the thoughts of a crowd breaking into an uncontrollable cheer during your imaginary performance.

And best of all, meditate on how the singing energy of feeling inspired fills your heart with pure delight.

Success begins with inspiration. Shining your light starts from within. You are emitting positive vibrations that will connect you to your singing superpowers! But without consistent action to back up your vision, you will go nowhere. What is getting in the way of you and your dreams?

The problem at the center of confidence, getting gigs, developing a social following, getting signed by a record company, making tons of money and health, is for most singers, one factor and one factor only:

Bad vocal technique.

Too many singers neglect to look after what is at the very foundation of singing success. The good news is that you can turn this around at any time by taking the steps to develop your talent. All it takes is a little investment of time and the right vocal coach. And yes, it will require some kind of financial investment as well but it's peanuts in comparison to the cost of missing out on your dreams.

If you are interested in the long term benefits that developing the immense vocal potential that lies within you will bring to your singing...

If you'd like a chance at overall well-being and INCREDIBLE new music opportunities...

If you are ready to become the most rocking possible version of your future self...

If you are ready to take the quickest route that will bridge the gaps in your gift...

Then I am willing to hear you out! Get back in the driver's seat and schedule a time with me so that together we can see whether we are a good fit. Go to:

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