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Valentine's Day Love Songs

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Awww.... LOVE! Isn't it a beautiful thing?! Valentine's Day is a reminder of the blessings and longing that come with love but also the perfect excuse to tell each other how much they are needed and appreciated. If you are planning on professing your love to the one and only who makes your heart sing tonight, then he or she is sure to feel super extra special with a song from my personal favourites' selection. Check it out!

1) Power Ballads

Love is a powerful emotion so it is not surprising that the following songs are amongst the most successful and memorable love songs of our times! They are brought to you by exceptional vocalists and therefore performed with exceptional skills and soul. Are you ready to pop the question?

I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston

The Power Of Love Celine Dion

Everything I Do Bryan Adams

2) Just Beautiful!

The next songs have hit a strings with lovers of all ages for their undeniably romantic lyric and beautiful melody. The heartfelt sincere expression of love in these songs is moving! Tell your Valentine how much you care with one of these:

All Of Me John Legend

Unchained Melody Righteous Brothers

Love Story Taylor Swift

Thank You Led Zeppelin

3) Love Songs for Beginners

Now if you are looking to capture your lover's heart and are looking for a song that you can put together quickly, I've got the perfect suggestions for you here. These songs are fairly easy and are in fact often requested by my clients. Sing away!

4) Love Songs for Advanced Singers

On the other hand, if you are more advanced and are looking for a song that with further your vocal skills, there are plenty of songs that will cover your entire range and allow you to work on agility and melisma. Here is my top pick:

Vision Of Love Mariah Carey

Perfect Ed Sheeran

Faithfully Journey

5) Love Songs to Develop Falsetto

You may also want to zone in on working on your falsetto. The contrasting soft and breathy texture of falsetto is particularly effective in expressing feeling of vulnerability and sweetness, especially for men. Try these songs:

Hallelujah Jeff Buckley/Leonard Cohen

Kiss Prince

Sunday Morning Maroon Five

6) Jazz Love Songs

What better during an intimate candle lit dinner than breaking into one of these jazz standards? Your lover will be smitten. Pour more wine and bring some chocolate! But most importantly, sing your heart out!

At Last Etta James

L.O.V.E. Nat King Cole

Fly Me To The Moon Frank Sinatra

7) Songs About Sensuality

When you feel flirtatious and one thing leads to another... You know what I'm talking about!! Spice up your night with these sexy options:

Leave The Door Open Bruno Mars, Anderson, Paak, Silk Sonic

Wicked Games Chris Issac

Honey Robyn

Sexual Healing Marvin Gaye

Love Me Like You Do Ellie Goulding

I Want Your Sex George Michael

8) Love for a Child

After the ecstasy of your cloud nine adventures, you may find yourself head over heels in love with the apple of your eye; your child! The unconditional love of a parent is beautifully pictured in these sweet songs:

Blessed Elton John

Speak To Me Amy Lee

Ablaze Alanis Morisette

9) Universal Love

Finally, all we need is LOVE! Indeed, love everyone! Love with all of your heart and soul! Because love is going to save us all; from ourselves and each other. The energy of love is at the essence of life and the most magical vibration known on Earth. There is nothing more important. We all thrive to love and be loved. And so it is; the ultimate truth of humankind!

Where Is The Love Black Eye Pea

Imagine John Lennon

As always, if singing is at the heart of your existence, if you are passionate about singing and you are ready to take your skills to places you have yet to discover, you and I, we could be a match made in heaven! I specialize in removing tension from the voice so that singers can sing higher, louder and from deep inside their soul!

Take your voice from tired to UNSHAKABLE!

From limited to IMPRESSIVE!

From ordinary to BREATHTAKING!

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Love ya! And Happy Valentine's Day!



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