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Singing: A Family Affair!

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Happy Family Day to my fellow Ontarians! I know that several countries have a dedicated national holiday to celebrate families but we don't have it all at the same time. In reality, every day is the perfect day to honor and show our appreciation towards parents, grand-parents and siblings. You may even extend your love to your cousins, aunts and uncles! And what better way to celebrate than with music? Indeed, although we all grow up with slightly different needs, values and life goals, a common denominator amongst family members is often the love of music. As Anthony Brandt put it, “Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.” How does it apply to singing?

Music in general and most particularly singing, is an extremely powerful bonding experience. Do you sing with your family?

Parents lulls their babies to sleep. Kids sing at home and put on "singing shows" (at least that's what my sister and I did for fun). Parents encourage and support children in learning music by putting them in private lessons. They expose them to a great variety of singers and musicians on their play list at home or in the car, singing along and I must add, often singing their heart out! I even often spot young children with their parents at live concerts! I think that's awesome!

In my family, my maternal grand-mother loved to sing. She's the one who instilled the love of singing in me. She had fond memories of herself along with her several sisters and brothers gathering around the piano nightly to sing, play and dance. That was way before people had TV's or the Internet of course! An aunt who became a cabaret singer in the 60's and 70's in Montreal was also a source of inspiration. Another uncle triggered my curiosity when he rehearsed with his band in the basement while we were babysat at his place. I really wanted to go downstairs to watch and lend an ear but alas kids weren't allowed...

I didn't know my own parents were musical until much later in life. They told me that they both failed at learning the guitar in their youth but they thought I might show potential for it after my sister asked if she could learn violin. So we both got enrolled into music lessons. My niece dabs into playing the ukulele and accordion but it's her love of traditional folk dancing that has led her towards a career in stage production.

Since then, my dad taught himself to play djembe drums and got back to learning to play guitar a couple of years ago. I'm really impressed by his perseverance. One is never too old to learn something new.

I think that my mom still secretly yearns to learn how to play guitar but she's holding herself back for some reason. On the other hand, she's always been our number one fan, coming to every single one of our concerts and supporting us in any way she could. I am forever grateful for her dedication to our success.

Did you know of the wonderful emotional and behavioural benefits of singing to the elderly?

I always loved singing with my guitar but I only started taking singing lessons in college. I soon realized that I was a much better singer than a guitar player and switched to voice as my main instrument. I went on to pursue my B.A. in Fines Arts (concentration in music performance) to study classical singing. The rest is history!

So I would like to thank my family from the bottom of my heart for being such cool cats and bringing music to the centre of our lives! Since some of us live in different towns, we don't get to play together very often but we love doing so on Christmas day.

I see that many of my singing clients and members of my Facebook group also enjoy similar experiences with their children, spouse and occasionally parents. It's incredible that singing and music plays such an extraordinary role in our upbringing and has a lasting effect on us. It helps us connect and honour the special relationship that only unconditional love and such blessings as family brings.

Are you confident enough to sing in front of your family?

Does your family support your singing endeavours?

Are you looking to help your child or a loved one unleash his or her singing gift?

Are you in a band with family members?

Lastly, my heart goes out to those who had a difficult childhood... Knowing the healing qualities of music, you may sing to soothe your wounds and overcome your traumas...

Singers, if you are passionate about singing but haven't taken any singing lessons yet or would like to expand your skills, just imagine how enrolling in singing lessons together will transform not only who you are at the very core but also your entire life! How would it make you feel to:

Graduate from singing in front of your to family to a real audience,

Absolutely LOVE the sound of your voice on recordings.

Officially release your music on Spotify and other platforms.

Deliver yourself from trapped emotions through singing.

Have the guts to start a YouTube channel.

Get noticed by someone important.

Experience the contagious febrile energy of expressing yourself creatively and musically.

Receive acknowledgement for your dedicated work and INCREDIBLE achievements!

Fully unlock your singing talent to share a the best of yourself with your loved ones. And why not the rest of the world while you're at it?!

Invest in yourself because it is probably the most important action step you can ever take to get closer to your dreams. Remember that your voice is UNIQUE. Remember that it is a genuine reflection of who you are; an integral part of your being. Always make a MEMORABLE first impression by singing at your best on COMMAND.

I want to see you thrive. If you are ready to reveal the most STRIKING gift passed down to you from your parents and from generations past, I am super excited to help you discover the inherent BEAUTY of your voice.

Contact me as soon as possible to schedule your FREE consultation session together at:

In the meantime, I urge you today to sing a song with your children or to your parents. Make their heart melt with your thoughtful words and loving presence! Light up their day!

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” –George Santayana

Take good care of each other,



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