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Reach Your Full Singing Potential!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

It's always a good idea to reflect on our life situations and current achievements to whether we are meeting our personal and professional expectations. Hopes of a richer fulfilling life abound. Now is always an auspicious time to set new intentions. If singing is close to your heart, make it a priority today. Great abundance is yours if you are willing to put in the work. Here's how...

1) Set Your Goal

Set realistic singing goals!
Clearly defining a goal increases success.

What would you like to accomplish in the next few weeks, months, year? Learn correct vocal technique? Join a choir? Get a band together? Write and record your music? Set a goal that can easily be accounted for so that you have a mean to measure your progress. Set a deadline or identify how your goal can be quantified. For example, "I want to learn a new song weekly". Or "I would like to increase my range by a full octave by the end of the year". While "I want to become a rock star by the end of 2020" may leave you disappointed, "I want to perform with my band in 5 different venues this year" is precise. It suggests that concrete steps should be taken to get there. Describe your vision in a series a short and long term achievable goals.

2) Make A Plan

Your vocal journey is always evolving.

A goal with no plan is just a dream. If you are serious about meeting your target, you must take action accordingly. Identify what changes must be undertaken to make it come true. What must be implemented? What you are willing to sacrifice in order to stay on track? For example, if your goal is to improve your singing, decide how much time and at what frequency you would like to practice daily. Free up an exact time window on your schedule to dedicate towards singing. Will you need to get up earlier? Will you need to cut off some TV time? Must you put another hobby on the back burner while you focus on your vocal skills? Next, identify what other additional support will be necessary to stay on track. What is your budget for singing lessons? Do you have adequate space to rehearse? Always keep the desired outcome in mind and remain flexible to revise your plan as unpredictable obstacles appear and require resilience. Where you are does not define where you are going. Many roads lead to Rome but foreseeing possible turns and twists will help avoiding frustrations and stay positive. Having a possibly perfect plan in hands to get you started certainly speeds things up!

3) Accountability

Woman texting
Tell your accountability buddy about your singing.

Consistency generates and sustains motivation. An accountability buddy is an effective strategy to diligently follow the plan. Find someone with a similar goal and send each other a picture of yourself singing after practice. As you get into your routine, communicate weekly to discuss progress. What went well? What went wrong? How could it have been avoided? How can you maximize your performance? Offer each other constructive feedback and moral support to keep working towards achieving your goals.

Me cheering to 2020 with some prosecco!
Cheers to 2020!

4) Dream Big, Dream Beautiful

Also anticipate that challenges are part of the journey and learning experience. Inspiration to keep a passion afloat increases as we see our efforts come to fruition. Never stop chasing after your dreams. When a door closes, the next one opening may not be what you hoped for but surely nothing that life didn't trust you capable of handling. Sometimes where we aimed wasn't at all where we ended. But surprise, surprise; it's often so much BETTER!

Keep faith in yourself and you will find prosperity. I wish you a fantastic and incredibly happy and successful New Year 2020; sing your heart out!


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