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2023: Learn How to Sing; REALLY Sing!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

We have a new and exciting year ahead and it's the perfect time to set intentions for 2023. As a singing teacher, I love to see singers thrive. I want to share with you how I get maximum results for singers who attend in-person or online singing lessons together.

To get you started positively on this beautiful January 1st, 2023, try the following exercise to define what matters the most to you on your singing journey.

First, write down your GREATEST SINGING DESIRES in these 5 key areas:

  1. Wealth & Abundance: may or may not be financial!

  2. Skills: the ability to sing at your best with complete vocal freedom and genuine emotional output.

  3. Confidence: inherently knowing that you are putting your best INCREDIBLE self out there!

  4. Vocal & Mental Health: insures the LONGEVITY of your singing talent and heals the soul with music.

  5. Happiness: singing as a source of JOY, whatever it may be!

Second, break these “big vision” goals down into smaller baby steps by committing to specific actions that you will take to make them happen.

Third, implement those steps to begin working with the magical Universe and spark changes in these 5 areas of your singing.

Singers, this is exactly what I share with you in my FREE masterclass "The 5-Step Strategies my Clients Make to Sing Higher, Louder and Perform at their Best":

Welcome 2023 with a bang. Sing better fast and on command! This may be the most ground breaking hour you spend on yourself in the next year. I look forward to seeing you there!

Happy New Year!


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