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Gifts For Singers

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Are you done with your Holiday shopping yet? Are you still looking for some neat gift ideas for a singer friend or family member? Perhaps you're still thinking about what you should write on your wish list for Santa. You deserve a treat! Well guest what?! Santa and I just ended our Zoom meeting and I told him all about what I thought you might like.

Here are some cool singer gifts for all budgets:

1. Scarf: Keep that neck and throat warm and cozy! There's nothing better to seal the heat and keep you healthy than a comfy beautiful scarf under that jacket.

2. Honey: Its antibacterial and antioxidant properties make it the perfect gift to sooth the throat of a singer during the harsh cold season. Buy organic and local to support your community and for the full benefits of this natural remedy against sore throats and general strain.

3. Herbal Tea: Sipping on hot water and tea lubricates vocal cords and depending on what tea you drink,may even increase your immune system functionality. I prefer decaf and herbal tea with a hint of cinnamon, ginger or turmeric because of their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. I have been making Chagga mushroom tea lately which is also awesome!

4. Bpa-Free or Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Since drinking water is super important for singers, carrying a water bottle around is an excellent incentive to keep yourself hydrated. Don't ruin the benefits or drinking water by using a cheap plastic bottle full of toxins. Invest in a quality Bpa-free or stainless steel water bottle. Your body and the environment will thank you for it.

5. Humidifier: Do you wake up feeling crusty and raspy in the morning? If so, your home might be too dry. Running a humidifier at night can greatly improve this issue.

6. Neti Pot: Singers who suffer from allergies and other sinus related conditions will appreciate this device to take care of their nose hygiene! NeilMed Sinus Rinse is great:

7. Nebulizer: More than a steamer, a nebulizer breaks down steam so that saline water particles can be absorbed more deeply and effectively. It relieves lung congestion by hydrating the whole vocal and respiratory apparatus. Check this one out:

8. Personal Air Purifier: Keep airborne allergens and viruses away by wearing a personal air purifier around your neck. It uses negative ions to purify the air in your immediate proximity. I've own Wein's Minimate Air Purifier for many years and found it particularly useful when travelling:

9. Reusable Stainless Steel Straws: Have you ever tried vocal straw exercises? They are great to relax your throat and find your ideal placement. These are easy to carry around and prevent unnecessary plastic waste.

10. BeltBox: This device works by muting your voice to lower your volume when you practice. This is useful for singers living in an apartment building or with roommates.

11. Piano Keyboard: Even if most singers don't play any other instruments, it's still useful to have a small, inexpensive keyboard to practice scales, learn melodies and improve pitch accuracy. By learning basic piano skills such as what and where notes are, singers can use a keyboard to cross reference what they are singing and make sure it's in tune.

12. Noise Reduction Earplugs: Don't blow your hearing by turning up the volume during rehearsal or going to concerts without adequately protecting your ears. Too many musicians develop tinnitus from listening to loud music. Tinnitus causes a constant ringing in the ears that cannot be cured. You need to hear yourself properly to sing in key so I say that your eardrums deserve some respect! Prevention is key.

13. Dynamic Microphone: When it comes to live vocal performance, the most recommended microphone is the Shure SM-57. It's very versatile and reliable. This is a must for those ready to take their singing to the stage.

14. Condenser Microphone: The choice is wide in regards to condenser microphones, better suited for recording. The one I'm going to recommend is an Audio-Technica-4040 because of its affordability and high ranking performance to record female vocals. I hear that it is superb for guys as well. I don't own this yet but I told Santa that I've been good this year (fingers crossed!).

15. TC-Helicon Harmony Singer: This pedal is a favourite among singers. It's easy to use, fun and adds a nice touch to a singer's live performance by automatically adding harmonies and reverb to the voice. A really cool toy!

All right! That's it for now... It's not too late for last minute goodies! If you are looking to treat yourself with something special to welcome the New Year, may be you'll find some great deals on Boxing Day for these.

Happy Holidays!



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