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Are You Happy With Your Tone?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

“Watch that tone young lady (or man)!” Your mother was right.

“It's not what you say, it's how you say it!” Your father knew even better...

This is totally relevant to singing! The tone of your voice can make or break a performance.

There is no value in singing super high, belting or fast runs if the tone of your voice is repelling. How do you expect people to pay attention if they can't stand the tone of your voice? The most beautiful ballad or top song of the hour can't conceal the ugly. They might even want to leave. Talk about embarrassing...

Unless you're singing out of tune, tone is the first thing people notice about a singer. So you want to be taken seriously? Make it count!

Is your voice pleasant? Has your tone been criticized? Are you self-conscious about how you sound? Do you even like your tone? How would you describe your tone? How many different tones can you sing with?

I get it. May be you think you are stuck with the voice you have. That it's just the way it is. So why bother? Others are still searching for who they are. They copy famous singers for lack of individuality. Are you one of those? Does your voice have personality? Are you settling for less?

What is tone exactly and what does it matter anyway?

Tune the tone of your voice and sing to your own song because your tone can hurt deeper than the news. Or be as sweet as honey. The message it carries never lies.

Here is what you should know about tone:

1) Your Tone is Unique to Your Body Structure: Your facial features, sinus cavities, and vocal cords' length and width are responsible for your tone. This explains why some body types produce similar tone results.

2) Resonance Placement and Tension Result in Tone: You can achieve different tones by placing your resonance in different parts of your resonance chambers. Intentional and unintentional tension also alters tone. Use a variety of tones to achieve different interpretation purposes.

3) Good Tone is Indicative of Correct Technique: Whatever tension is holding you back will be reflected in your tone. The only way to get around that is to educate yourself and get it right once and for all. Step up to the challenge and get your singing skills up to par so that you can feel good about yourself, move forward with your vocal goals, and show up for your band mates in order to build a fan base.

Find your unique voice. The one that is memorable. The one people can't get enough of. Real singers are born when people take notice.

Take tone out of your back pocket to show off how versatile a singer you are. Seduce your audience with vocal beauty. Impress with a stunning emotionally charged performance. Deliver unstoppable stamina because correct vocal technique gives you the freedom to sing any songs night after night while saving your vocal cords from potential injury. Not only do you entertain your crowd, you also touch their hearts and souls. Be the one people actually REMEMBER (and for good reasons!).

The crazier the demands of singing get, the more understanding of your tone you need to be. It's especially important now as the world is preparing to restart.

If you’re ready to stop ignoring the basics... and want to know how to become a top notch singer so that you can grow, compete with the pros and move in the direction of your dreams...

Join me on my masterclass “Five Shifts to Uncover Your Best Voice”:

Sing your heart out!



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