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2022 START

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Is it too late to wish you Happy New Year 2022 again? I figured since everybody is done celebrating and is back into their normal routine, this would be a good opportunity to pause one last time and look at how we can make 2022 your best year yet. It's exciting to assess and reset goals so that you can continue to expand your vocal skills and take your singing to the next level.

The idea is to analyze, revise, refine and restart.

What are you going to be doing next? More of the same or try something different?

I am humbled by the success of my clients who show me every day that the vocal techniques I teach provide amazing results. Every single victory makes me proud to have played a role in their journey.

I am not sure if this is for you, but if taking singing lessons has been on your radar lately, 2022 might be your last chance to fully dedicate yourself to developing your talent. I say this because the end of the Pandemic is finally approaching. Consequently, with the music industry being temporarily on and off, any extra free time this may have provided will soon be a luxury of the past (thank goodness)! Who wants to join a choir this year? Go to open mic nights? Sing Karaoke with friends? Join the church's worship team? Sing your heart out to a room of dedicated patrons? Grow your fan base? Record and release your masterpiece? Live stream? Go on tour? Be the very BEST singer you can be?

You are no doubt open-minded to learn more about how you can further advance your own vocal ascendance and with my expert guidance you will be able to take yourself through a deeper learning experience.

What do you know about singing technique so far?

It still amazes me that so many singers rely on YouTube videos or friends' advice to understand their voice. Or instead of seeing the value of investing in quality singing lessons, some singers look for a cheap deal and enrol in low ball offer vocal coaching with hopes of a big return on their investment. Well if that's you, don't be disappointed when things don't work out. The truth is, there is value in experience and expertise. You pay for what you get! Beware of the sharks who attract you with too good to be true rates, teach you next to nothing and intentionally keep you hooked by limiting your progress.

I am proud of dispelling the myth that singing is tough. That it is a skill that you either have or don't. That good singers are naturals. All of these are excuses that keep you stalling.

My clients are living examples that under the right guidance singing higher, louder and effortlessly is EASY! If you are coachable and do as I say, if you practice consistently, if you are committed to correcting your singing technique and have trust in the learning curve and the undeniable truth that YOU CAN DO IT, then you are INVINCIBLE! All you need are the RIGHT tools to get you to the finish line.

Here is a link to testimonies from singers who believed in their infinite hidden talent and took the plunge to nourish the beautiful musical presence within their body. By turning the focus towards elevated singing vibrations they were able to sense the depth of their own essence.

2022 sees the launch of a renewed desire for transformation. As far as I am concerned, I've had a healthy obsession with singing all of my life. Therefore, I will continue to be of service to empower you so that you can get back to the core of your gift and fully express yourself musically. I will continue to manage my wonderful Facebook group Sing Higher, Louder and Effortlessly. I am dedicated to private coaching and working with singers who are ready to THRIVE!

Just imagine how many more people you can reach with your burning passion for singing! How wonderful would it feel to sing endlessly without having to worry about straining? To have the FREEDOM to sing anything because you have a three octave range and no more breaks? To be in CONTROL of your voice at ALL TIMES!

I am guessing you have not got around to really studying the voice and fully understand what you're doing as to integrate healthy and correct technique to any genre or style you're in the mood for.

A few simple swaps could soon make all of the difference...

When it comes to experiencing vocal lessons together, you have three options...

  1. Take weekly one-hour lessons

  2. Come with a friend

  3. Commit to a six-week package

In my experience there are just two kinds of people in this world.

Those that think about good ideas but do nothing about them. And those that take MASSIVE action.

I bet you are a bit like me and know that it's almost impossible to have too much of a good thing and therefore too much of a good voice!

If you are tired of settling for less and confused as to what to do to fix your voice once and for all, then EMBRACE working together privately to unleash that special voice of yours longing to be heard!

2021 was my busiest year to date with sometimes more clients then my schedule could accommodate. It has been a pleasure to help singers in my own Toronto community but also in Florida, New Jersey, Hong Kong, Italy, Costa Rica, Norway and Greece.

Don't worry. I am still able to accept new clients. I love to work with both emerging and established singers. We always find a way to make our busy schedules work. Even around different time zones. You are welcome to come in person if you live in my area but otherwise, online learning works like a charm.

The good news is that there are a few openings available to you right now so that we can work together.

What happens next is a close look at your voice to identify your areas of need with a meticulous level of detail and diligence to the execution of your singing. This will cover many key elements:

  1. Relaxation

  2. Breath management

  3. Range

  4. Projection

  5. Interpretation

Yes, it's that simple. What makes me say that? It is a combination of winning strategies that will give you the outcome you seek.

Now, before you make your mind up you may want to take advantage of my FREE consultation session so that we can chat about your dreams and aspirations. Sign up below:

Just one more thing... Have you watched my Masterclass yet? It's the 5-Step Strategy my clients use to sing higher, louder and perform at their best. Check it out here:

Finally, I was hoping you could help out with a small favour... Will you share this blog post with other singers who are looking to develop their skills? I know that singing is very personal hence singers appreciate useful information when it comes from a credible source.

So just out of curiosity... Have you joined my Facebook group already? If not, please do; you would be a great addition. If so, please like and comment on members' posts and share your music more often.

We look forward to your singing!

Ready, set... Go!



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