Hello, I'm Val Bastien! I help singers eliminate vocal straining by removing tension from their voice so that they can expand their range, increase their power, sing effortlessly and discover their unique artistry. This allows my clients to showcase their incredible skills, find the freedom to sing soulfully, get recognized in a competitive industry and finally record and release their masterpiece. Unleash your talent and share your gift with confidence! Are you ready to transform your singing and reach new levels of success? Let's talk!

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Do you want to sing higher, louder and effortlessly? Does your throat hurt when you sing? Are you self-conscious about the sound of your voice? Do you sometimes worry about hitting all the notes? What about the high notes? Have you ever wished you could belt? I can help!


Welcome to Voice Yourself! You are in the right place my friend! Learn simple yet effective breakthrough singing strategies with dramatic results. With correct vocal technique you can say goodbye to vocal straining, sing anything you want, any way you want and anytime you want! Create the most incredible sound you have EVER heard! I will help you find your natural dynamic pure tone so that it can be applied to any contemporary and traditional genres. This includes pop, rock, R & B, jazz, musical theatre and classical singing. Once you are in greater control of your voice, you will be able to use a combination of styles such as breathiness, falsetto, rasp, speech level singing and belting to add character to your song interpretation. You will adequately and consistently hit all the notes on pitch, even the high ones, and sing louder with less effort. 

If tone is nasal, thin, breathy and weak in general...

If you feel like your vocal break and range limit your song choices and song writing...


If you experience extended periods of vocal fatigue after singing...

If you have stage fright...

If you worry about missing out on opportunities or letting down band mates and fans because of vocal health troubles...


If you have big dreams of touching people with your music or even becoming famous...


Then, you have even more reasons to fix this! Stop playing small and settling for less. I am here to help you completely understand your voice in order to maximize your skills and transform your amazing gift. This will benefit everything in your life because when we do something we love and do it well, it makes us feel AWESOME! Your confidence will go through the roof. You will start getting noticed by important people. You will book more gigs and grow your fan base. You will never worry again about missing a note or experiencing vocal fatigue. You will finally record and release your masterpiece. Imagine the possibilities!


Your voice is at once unique and beautiful. It's a powerful tool for expression and the perfect instrument to channel and convey your emotions. As a part of my teaching vision, creating a safe space where you are free to explore your talent and experiment with developing total vocal mastery is of prime importance.  

I am passionate about music and the voice, a wonderful and intricate instrument. I have been teaching singing in Toronto and online for almost 20 years, and a musician for the last three decades! My client base ranges from serious singers passionate about singing to semi-professional singers and touring artists. Some are from Toronto and some I connect with via online classes across Canada, the United States, Europe and even Asia. 

Let me guide you toward fulfilling your deepest vocal wishes. Sing higher, louder and with confidence! Together we can achieve your full potential. Take your voice to the next level. Set your goals and follow your bliss.   


Sing your heart out!

Val Bastien, OCT

Teacher & Vocal Coach



  • Breath support

  • Correct posture

  • Placement

  • Enunciation

  • Resonance

  • Connecting registers

  • Extend your range

  • Improve projection

  • Sing on pitch

  • Stay in rhythm

  • Release tension

  • Vibrato

  • Belting

  • Develop interpretation

  • Eliminate stage fright

  • Increase confidence

  • Avoid vocal fatigue

  • Maintain vocal health



— Jade Jang, Toronto

“Valerie, she is literally the most unbelievable  vocal coach I have ever had.  Now I can hit high notes a lot easier than I did, I don't have any pain in my throat, and I definitely recommend her lessons”

Valerie Bastien, OCT

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