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What About Critical Thinking?

As your vocal coach, there is something that you should know about me... It is my job to help you identify your areas of need so that you can experience growth in your skills. It's not always easy to tell you about what you are doing wrong when other people might have turned a blind eye, or in what might better apply to us singers, a deaf ear.

When I tell you about your weaknesses, I do it out of love and kindness because I believe in your potential and ability to further expand your skills. I do it because I CARE!

But you must also do your part. If you just come in the group to post a song for YouTube views then you are completely passing on the opportunity to better yourself vocally and musically. That is why I ask that when you share a song, you also briefly (or at length if you may so feel inclined) describe your vocal process. This is important because it helps us learn FROM you and WITH you.

Now, what if you feel the urge to share your work in the group? A new song in progress or one you've been working on for the last month... A spinet or latest show or a past performance that you're proud off...

Something to put yourself out there…

And you just have NO IDEA what to say? So you sit there and you stare at your keyboard, and you end up procrastinating and judging yourself?

You could always post it anyway and wait for me and other singers to give you feedback. Since most of us here are nice and supportive, you are most likely to get a few listens, some likes and some compliments. This is a safe place after all. It does wonders for your self-esteem but does it help you IMPROVE?

Is it helping you sing with better pitch accuracy? Is it helping you reach high notes more easily? Is it helping you improve your volume in your lower register? Is it helping you sing more emotively? Is it helping you engage and connect more convincingly? Is it helping you find more potential fans?

Is it helping you prepare for your next audition or upcoming recording session?

Is it really taking you closer to your dream?

Well... Not really... This is why I encourage you to demonstrate some critical thinking first before you post. Here are 5 Critical Thinking principles to help you come up with useful insights on your singing:

1) Observation: watch and listen to your video objectively. Do you notice any trends or patterns? Identify your problem areas without making excuses for yourself. It's all right to make mistakes. You are here to learn. And it's hard to fix a problem if you don't know that you have it.

2) Analysis: now that you have identified a few things you did wrong, ask yourself what might have caused this to occur. Did it have to do with your breathing? Enunciation? Support? Placement? Etc... Asking questions is an important part of problem solving.

3) Inference: The answer you are seeking isn't always obvious. Read between the lines, see beyond what you hear. Hidden solutions can be found by drawing possible conclusions.

4) Communication: By sharing these findings with us, what you thought to be true might be debunked or on the contrary, confirmed. This is how we can better assist you because we are focusing exactly on what you were concerned with instead of giving you feedback on something you already knew.

Listen actively and respectfully to our feedback. We are not here to hurt you but to help. Also, take a moment to return the favour by listening and offering suggestions and comments to other members. Engage and participate in the group to become a positive contributor to our community. The more you do that, the more people will listen to your posts.

5) Problem-Solving: The final step is crucial to your growth. Explore your options and experiment. Apply new strategies suggested by your fellow group members and let us know whether it worked or not, so that we can keep the conversation going and evolving.

When it comes to some of the fundamental vocal strategies that will alleviate tension and allow you to connect your registers and sing higher and effortlessly, it is often a combination of approaches (difficult to explain in a Facebook post) that will bring you success. Therefore, if you are interested in creating a solid foundation for your singing and achieving results MUCH faster, I have the solution that you have been waiting for.

Let's work together! I offer amazing private vocal coaching with incredible results. The knowledge you will gain during singing lessons is by far superior to what you can learn in books, on YouTube videos and even in this Facebook group. Working together will actually completely FREE your voice and put you in the best vocal shape ever!

I have a SIMPLE process that I use every day with my clients to maximize their vocal talent. This helps them sing at their best because they understand correct vocal technique, know how to avoid vocal fatigue and master the art of singing from their heart.

It’s allowed many of my clients to boost their confidence, overcome fear of performance, better connect with their creative self, record their songs, increase their performance opportunities by live streaming more often, getting more gigs, being noticed by more people of influence, and more!

I’m not saying that to impress you, I just want you to know that it works.

I’m going to be opening a few spots on my calendar to talk to you about your vocal goals and how we can get you there faster. If you'd like to take advantage of this fabulous FREE consultation opportunity, just click on the link below to reserve your spot:

Go get it!



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