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Singing Is Like Eating Watermelon!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I have a summer vacation tradition: eating watermelon! As you are getting to know me better, you probably noticed that my mind never drifts too far away from singing. It's kind of an obsession, haha! Anyhow, while I was indulging in a delicious piece of watermelon, it occurred to me that eating watermelon is A LOT like singing; who knew?! Here's why:

I love watermelon but there's one thing I can't stand about it: biting into the black seeds. And do you know what aggravates me even more? Getting a mouthful of them and interrupting the tasteful bliss by having to spit them out every second. I say no thanks to an extra crunchy watermelon slice. I personally like my watermelon-eating-experience worry free! You?

Similarly, when singing, no one enjoys or intentionally sings out of tune. And worse, I know that you hate it when your voice cracks unexpectedly right in the middle of a song! This is a great excuse to either laugh uncontrollably or cry!

Sometimes we hope to avoid traumatizing surprises by warming up before singing. It usually helps but not always. As for watermelons, we try to avoid trouble by buying the seedless variety but again, the occasional black seed will be felt with a crunch!

I learned in the article “9 Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon” published by that watermelon is 92% water. This is excellent news for singers since we need to keep our precious vocal cords hydrated. Who knew that it could be such an amazing source of water? Its appearance is deceiving, but in a good way!

This brings me to my next point. At a glimpse, a watermelon seems like a tough fruit with its hard outer rind. But it will shatter in pieces if accidentally dropped. A delicious juicy flesh is revealed inside of its green shell. While hiding behind the walls of your neck, pearly-white vocal cords can produce the most beautiful sound you have ever heard but they are nonetheless even more fragile.

The big problem here, bigger than the fruit itself, is that singers take their vocal cords' reliability for granted.

Singers ignore signs of vocal fatigue assuming it will go away on its own.

They try to strengthen their voice by singing through the pain thinking this will improve their skills.

They continue to push their voice unnecessarily often injuring it over time. Did you know that all it could take is one bad day for serious damage to occur?

Why learn correct vocal technique when you can take a short break from singing and get your mojo back within a few days? Or can you?

Although, if you're lucky, rest might heal your voice from episodic inflammation, there is a risk that serious conditions such as nodules, polyps and vocal cord paralysis will develop from the constant abrasive habits.

Just like a collapsed watermelon, you may be able to pick up the pieces and enjoy some of it, but really, who wants to eat watermelon off the floor?! And who needs the anxiety of potential permanent vocal injury? Unless you'd like your vocal cords to look more and more like the tasty pink fruit, and sound less and less sweet, do yourself a favour:

LISTEN to what your body is telling you. Handle your voice with CARE. EDUCATE yourself on singing.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to sing with complete confidence and wow your audience with your enthusiasm and passion? To LOVE the pleasing sound of your voice to your ears. Just imagine how it would enhance your overall creativity and musicianship! The new opportunities that would present themselves... The places you'd go... How empowering it would feel to sing with fantastic vocal control and freedom! Just like a watermelon slice, it could totally brighten your day and possibly change your ENTIRE life!

Healthy singing is EASY to learn with the right strategies. Under my watch, you could unlock your vocal brilliance in a matter of 6-8 weeks. That is even shorter than it takes to grow watermelon (75 days)!

I am here to help you sing at your best! I want to see you shine and revel in the joy of music. Celebrate your vocal uniqueness and fully bring out your inner beauty. Because singing is an integral part of who you are. Voice yourself, show us your genius! Let's meet to discuss your vocal goals and how I can assist you in your learning. Head up to my calendar to make an appointment at:

I don't bite,



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