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Pitch Problems?

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

I feel your pain, lol! Funny but NOT funny, right? Pitch problems are a real hassle. As you can imagine, I frequently receive client inquiries on how to improve pitch. For some of us pitch comes more naturally than for others. But most singers experience pitch problems at some point or another. This is a big deal because people are really unforgiving about hearing singers sing off key. Can you relate?

The high notes are particularly challenging and you find yourself often hitting those flat.

You change the key of the song thinking that if you sing it a little lower it will fix the problem... The hight notes are more comfortable now but it's the lower notes that sound sharp instead.

It doesn't matter how much you've practice a song, you still find yourself cringing when listening to your recording because your pitch is all over the place and you're not sure where to begin to fix this. It sounded right when you were singing... How could you not hear it then? What happened?!

Or sometimes it's just that one spot that bothers you but it's enough to create an overwhelming sense of dread. Why is it so hard to get it right?!

It leaves you puzzled that you THINK you are singing on pitch but when you hear yourself, you realize that you aren't. What else are you NOT hearing???

You feel embarrassed that you so often go off key, although it's usually just momentarily and you wonder if people really notice. Does it matter? You suddenly feel self-conscious about singing in front of others.

When this happens during a performance, you lose any emotional connection with your song as you try to listen to yourself better in order to concentrate. But instead of doing better, you make more mistakes.

Your confidence is slowly being eaten away... It's a vicious circle... You HATE not being in control. It SUCKS!

You start seriously questioning your abilities... Could you be tone-deaf?

If you'd like to know how to keep pitch, stay tuned! According to, only 1 in 20 people are truly tone-deaf. So the good news is that you probably aren't. Most pitch issues come from a lack of technical mastery over the vocal instrument.

Yessss, there is hope! Because we can work with that!

Unless you are tone-deaf, singing out of pitch is only a symptom of a much bigger problem however: tension.

If you sing with tension, which most untrained singers do, then the odds of not adequately hitting notes increase considerably. For the most seasoned singers, it's often bad habits developed over time that restrict the instrument.

In order to sing in key and keep the melody accurately, you must:

  1. Relax

  2. Use correct diaphragmatic support

  3. Master resonance

When the voice is free, the melody flows effortlessly. Your worry disappears and is replaced by enthusiasm, spontaneity and musicality. You are able to focus on the music as opposed to the technical delivery of your performance.

And that is SWEET!

This is what people will notice; your artistry and showmanship. NOT your pitch (unless it's bad). Because people EXPECT you to sing on pitch. So you better get it right!!

Does singing on pitch impress people? No. It is assumed when you open your mouth to sing and especially in the context of a public performance, that good pitch is part of the deal. Anything less is a downer. I am not being harsh. I am being true. Don't disappoint. Set yourself up for success.

So if you don't already have good pitch, do something about it. There is massive potential to consistently sing in tune with greater vocal understanding. And you know what? Once you get rid of tension, your overall singing skills will dramatically expand. Not only will you sing more beautifully, higher and lower, but you will also sing louder without hurting your precious vocal cords. How AMAZING would that feel?

Bettering yourself requires commitment but the rewards are many. It's easier than you think to get where you want to be with the right guidance. I have seen too many singers disheartened after investing in the wrong teacher or course and not getting the results they wanted. Choose wisely.

I specialize in eliminating vocal tension. My program is structured and individualized to every single singer because you are all UNIQUE and IMPORTANT. Fundamentally, every singer wants the same thing: VOCAL FREEDOM. But getting you there will look differently for everyone. And that is how my program gives you the RESULTS YOU WANT. So give yourself a chance to be all that you can and deserve to be. Voice yourself! Find the REAL you!

If you are ready to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that you need help. If you are ready to step on your ego and ACCEPT help. The door towards singing success is wide open. I invite you to reach out for a free consultation with me to discuss your areas of needs and aspirations. Visit my website and set a time on my calendar so that we can talk:

Right on (pitch)!



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