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Online Singing Lessons Are Awesome! Here's Why...

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Use this time of social distancing to shift your energy towards something positive and productive. Why not refine your vocal skills by signing-up for online singing lessons? Bring the world to your door steps with e-learning. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone with a webcam and steady Internet access. A decent microphone and headphones or speakers are helpful but not necessary. You and your teacher can connect on Skype, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, etc... I will say that from experience, online vocal lessons works as well as in-person. In fact, there are many additional advantages to e-learning.

Online Singing Lessons Are Awesome; Here's Why...
Online Singing Lessons Are Awesome; Here's Why...

1) Work With Your Preferred Vocal Coach

The beauty of e-learning is that you can finally work with the singing teacher you always wanted to work with but who lives miles away. Video calling makes the world a smaller place. I have personally been teaching online for at least 10 years with great success. My clients and I Skype from all over Canada and the USA, but I've also had lessons with students in France, Spain, Germany, Austria and even as far as Hong Kong. So don't let distance get between you and your dreams. The teacher whose teaching style best suits your learning style is just a click away. Would it be me? Would we be a good match? Find out by filling out my FREE Vocal Assessment and together let's take your singing to the next level.

2) Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is the concern of the hour but it should be year-round. Learning from home eliminates unnecessarily mingling with crowds and filthy environments on public transportation. We are seeing with our attempts to flatten the Corona Virus Curve that our whereabouts and who we spend time with has an immense domino effect impacting not only our own health but others. It's understood that we are going through exceptional circumstances but even in normal times, getting sick with the common cold or flu destabilizes a singer for weeks. It justifies giving e-learning more consideration...

3) Save Time & Money

It goes without saying that learning to sing from the comfort of your home will free time and money on commuting. A win-win situation for everyone as you become more available for your loved ones and friends. You may even reallocate the extra hours towards practicing instead. As for financial savings, I'm sure you won't need suggestions to figure out how to spend your cash surplus!

Technology is at your fingertips. If you were interested in giving e-learning a try, I'm opened for business! Contact me and we'll get you singing!

Sing your heart out!


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