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My #1 Flu & Cold Annihilator

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Today is my first day of holiday vacation. I was excited at the prospect of sleeping in but instead, I woke up at the wee hours of the morning with... a SORE THROAT! Despite my use of caps, I actually stayed calm because I have the perfect treatment to stop a sore throat in its track and get rid of the cold or flu viruses entirely in 72 hours or less. It all comes down to one product and it has NEVER failed me. So: "Pas de panic" and read on...

Disclaimer: Always consult with your family doctor before trying new medication especially if you suffer from health conditions. The rate success of the following advice is solely based on my own experience and the ones of family members, friends and clients who have also overcome their cold or flu with it. Your personal results may differ.

Man sick in bed with a cold or flu.
Don't get sick this winter!

1) Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue is a Health Canada approved antiseptic to specifically remedy sore throats. It is very cheap but surprisingly highly effective. As soon as you feel symptoms of a sore throat developing, apply Methylene Blue using a cotton swab to coat the back of your throat tonsils, uvula, and everywhere you feel the irritation. It is not the most pleasant experience (it will make you gag) but I prefer the momentary discomfort to weeks of vocal and lifestyle disruption. It can be a little tricky to find in drugstores; I usually buy a few bottles when I visit my family in Quebec. The product can be purchased online at For singers outside of Canada, verify with your local pharmacist to see if he or she can order it for you.

2) Recognize The Signs

You must know that this treatment only works when initiated at the very onset of the cold and flu viruses symptoms. Do not ignore a dry irritation or swelling sensation at the back of your throat, the soft palate or behind the uvula. If this medication doesn't work for you, odds are it was applied too late. Using Methylene Blue mid-way into the illness is ineffective and you may as well stick to other more popular products.

3) Monitor Symptoms

Happy couple
Escape the cold or flu and live happily ever after!

Continue to apply throughout the day as the sore throat comes back on and off. It is usually gone after 72 hours without hardly any other symptoms if the cold and/or flu is caught early. Good luck!

Update Day #2: I went to bed last night with a little bit of congestion and a runny nose so I took an anti-histamine and used some decongestant nasal spray in one of my nostrils to open it up. I woke up this morning feeling great; still no sore throat. I'm anticipating some of the congestion to comeback later but we'll see if I'm lucky! I'm ready to wrestle; bring on the Christmas shopping!

Update Day #3: The congestion and runny nose worsened yesterday as the day progressed. My nose was quite congested and runny by the time I went to bed today but I sneezed less often today than I did by the end of Day #2.

Update Day #4: This morning, as predicted, I feel quite good. I still don't have any soar throat or coughing, and the nose "runniness" is gone. I can breathe easily but I anticipate needing some decongestant nasal spray at some point. I doubt I will need to take any more meds otherwise.... It's great to be myself again and back on my feet in 72 hours!.

In conclusion, since my nose was runny and congested enough to require medication, it tells me that this cold was a bad one! I definitely avoided worst (a sore throat) by applying Methylene Blue and was instead able to contain symptoms within 3 days.

P.S.: Here are other times Methylene Blue worked for me so far (I will keep updating as I experience symptoms again):

-Thursday January 30th, 2020: I woke up with a sore throat, used Blue and I was completely symptoms free by February 2nd. I didn't get any no sore throat, coughing, fever or runny nose at all.

-Monday March 2nd, 2020: I started experiencing mild dryness in my throat around noon; I used Blue immediately and although the dryness came back a couple of times, it's was all gone by the following Thursday afternoon. I didn't get any sore throat, coughing, fever or runny nose at all.

Give this product a try and let me know if it works for you. Stay healthy and sing your heart out!


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