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Learning To Sing Is Like Making Cookies

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Something you might not know about me is that I love baking! Because of my complicated gluten-free-low-sugar diet, I spend a lot of time experimenting with different recipes to combine all kinds of flour and sugar alternatives. Sometimes I reach my desired outcome, and sometimes... Not so much! I am happy with the gluten-free version of a chocolate chip cookie recipe I've been making since I'm a kid. While I was baking today, I realized that there is something to learn from this... It occurred to me that learning to sing is exactly like making cookies!

Evidently, before preparing your cookie dough you'll want to make sure that you have all of the ingredients you'll need. To make your singing learning experience effective, some winning ingredients are also necessary:

Singing Success Ingredients

a) Practice Space

Cookie magic happens in the kitchen. Singing also deserves its own space. Do you have a private room where you can practice without feeling self-conscious? This is important so that you can experiment freely with your voice to develop your skills instead of worrying about disturbing the neighbours. Coordinate your schedule with the rest of your family or roommates to have some private time.

b) Time

Absolutely free some time out of your busy schedule to practice between lessons. Singers sometimes forget that learning to sing is just like learning any other disciplines; be it sports, arts or music. There is no quick fix. Practice, practice, practice! As for baking, when I'm hungry, I always find time.

c) Light Your Fire!

The motivation to learn must come from you and you alone. When I wake up in the morning and crave some chocolate cookies, I just get to it. I find the time to bake and no one can stop me! You need the same drive to learn to sing and reach your vocal goals. Daily practice is recommended for consistency and faster progress. Sometimes I forget to take the cookies out on time (they bake fast). I rarely burn them although they ended too dry when overcooked. From this I learned that putting the timer on insures that they turn up just right every single time! When experimenting with a new singing strategy, it is possible that it might not always work perfectly every time. Don't push yourself too much or you might burn your voice. If you can feel your voice, you're doing something wrong. Try to figure out what it is. Take a break and try again later. In other words, practicing a lot is awesome but also stop and rest if you need to.

d) Follow The Process

To sing better fast, you need a defined structure in the form of a program tailored to your individual needs. For yummy cookies, following instructions is a must: I measure quantities carefully. Then, I follow a certain order of things; I cream the butter first. I beat the eggs one at a time before adding vanilla. I mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Finally, I gradually stir in dry ingredients to wet ones.Imagine if I didn't follow instructions... What if half-way through baking I realized that I forgot the eggs? Could I take my cookies out of the oven and crack one on top? Of course not, haha!

Meanwhile, singers do this to their voice ALL THE TIME! They search the web for info not really knowing what comes first or last. No wonder so many singers are confused and get no where. Most aspects of singing are interconnected. Building vocal technique in defined steps starting with a strong foundation matters. Under my expert guidance, clients are able to take their voice from point A to B to completely transform their singing. Why are they so successful? Because the process is not only simple and individualized to unique vocal needs, it also make SENSE!

Overlooking even just one of these 4 Singing Success Winning Ingredients will cost you. The longer you wait to get your voice in good shape, the longer it will take to reach your vocal goals. That is time you can NEVER get back. Who knows what opportunity might be missed.

So imagine what your singing would be like if you could wake up, use a REALLY easy process and know EXACTLY how to use your voice to sing any songs you want?And then 5 minutes later, you’ve made your video, posted it on TikTok and you KNOW that the work you did isn’t going to be just for fun.It’s actually going to increase your range, improve your projection and help you sing effortlessly. It's going to unlock your creative song writing, make you new fans and take your singing to the next level.

I have an incredible masterclass to share with you that explains the 5 shifts my clients make to reach those goals. Plus, it's FREE! Access the masterclass below:

What's the best part of making cookies? Eating them of course! Mmm... So delicious! And just like singing, once you've had a taste of success, one bite is just not enough!

Sing your heart out!



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