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It's Christmas!

Okay. I admit it. I'm a workaholic!! Those who know me, know that I'm always working on something... I have spent most of my adult life dedicating myself to my full-time work as an elementary school teacher and managing my vocal coaching business. Recently, that includes looking after this group and creating more educational singing content. When I'm not busy teaching, I'm usually spending time with my family. Otherwise, 100% of my energy is focused on teaching and singing but not necessarily performing.

But a few days ago though, someone asked me to post a song so I made time for it. I put on my Christmas dress and matching lipstick, and got to work!

I didn't want to sing anything too serious. We need more fun in this world (at least I do, lol)! I picked: "All I Want For Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff.

I like this song because it's playful! I of course immediately sent this recording to my man, my special dear one! He got a kick out of it ;)

In a non-romantic way however, when I sing this song I'm thinking about my parents, sister and niece who all live in Quebec and whom I'm not getting to spend Christmas with for the first time EVER (hopefully the last). I miss you all terribly! So really, all I want for Christmas is you: my family. If all goes well, we can see each other in flesh and bones this summer.

In the pandemic context ultimately, what I really really really want for Christmas, is to get my pre-Covid life back!

I miss spending time with my friends and family. I miss teaching kids in a "normal" classroom environment and engaging them with activities that are more interactive and stimulating. I miss live music and I miss traveling. I feel for those who have lost loved ones to Covid-19 and who are struggling making ends meet because of the restrictions.

So there you have it! Short and sweet! I even put some drama into it ;) All I Want For Christmas Is You: my Love, my family and my old life, haha!

But enough about what I want. I'd like to show appreciation for what I already have instead:

I am grateful for my health.

I am grateful for my job.

I'm grateful for my wonderful clients.

And I'm grateful for this group! You are absolutely FANTASTIC! Our community is small but slowly growing. We support each other in singing with positive feedback and words of encouragement.

Thank you for joining but also for engaging in the group by sharing your beautiful voice with your music.

Thank you for reading my articles and reaching out for assistance.

Thank you for your trust!

Thank you for your enthusiasm and for just being YOU!

I am hopeful for our future! This too shall pass... Let's make the most of this festive time... May you have a fun but restful and peaceful Christmas. May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter. Wishing you love, health and happiness, today, tomorrow and always!

Merry Christmas!


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