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How To Pick Your Next Song

Are you getting too comfortable with your singing, picking songs that don't really push your limits and advance your skills?

I get it. It's more fun to pick an easy song and get it ready in 10 minutes. Log on Smule, find a singing partner and start making human connections! Get entertained!

The problem is, you have to take risks and try something out of your comfort zone more often if you want to become a better singer.

That’s how you can discover interesting strategies, experiment with texture, expand your range and develop breath control, endurance and greater stamina.

The truth is, there are tons of amazing and incredible singers out there. You need to up your game if you want to stand out and compete with the best of the best!

Instead of settling for less with average songs that don't challenge your skills, pick songs with a purpose in mind. Take the following factors into consideration:

1) Skills

What specific skill do you wish to improve? Your range? Your pitch accuracy? Your tone? Your dynamic control? Melismatic singing? Harmonies? Whatever it is, pick songs accordingly. Start a list and when you hear songs that meet that criteria, add it to your list for future reference.

2) What It's For

You wanna surprise your fiancé and dedicate a song to him/her on your wedding day? That is SO romantic! Do it! Obviously the song you sang at your last audition and that he/she heard you sing a thousand times already might not be your top choice for the occasion. Similarly, when preparing for an audition, avoid predictable songs by surprising judges with a meaningful and original choice. Choose songs of contrasting styles to show off your voice. With the added element of performance and stress, it's okay if it is slightly out of your comfort zone as long as you feel confident there's enough time to get it ready for the event. The stakes won't be the same if you're picking this song for personal enjoyment or professional endeavours. “Flavor of the month” kind of songs are excellent to draw attention to your Instagram or YouTube channel when everyone else is also trying to learn it. You have to be fast on your feet though to beat the crowd and get your cover up as soon as possible so that it gets the attention it deserves.

3) Time

What's your deadline to get this song ready? Is singing this song well part of a short or long term goal? What skills you are looking to improve with this song will determine how much time is needed to achieve your outcome. For example, it might be faster to play with textures than hitting notes at the top of your range or right in your break. Gage the difficulty level accordingly and realistically.

4) Heart Connection

Ultimately, what matters the most is your personal connection to the song. Pick songs that you enjoy singing as opposed to the ones assigned in a program or by a teacher so that you are motivated to practice it. You might sing this song a hundred times before it's ready and some more if it becomes a regular on your set list. Find balance between songs that speak to you lyrically and the ones with a cool hook. A good song is a good song! Sometimes there's no better reason to choose a song than just loving it!

The crazier the song, the more frustrating it is if you can't sing it right. If you’re ready to stop playing small... and want to know how to use your voice to sing impressive songs that will blow everyone's mind and kill your competition... If you're ready to step into your vocal power and show the world what you're made of, contact me to set up your FREE phone consultation at:




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