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Have You Ever Taken Singing Lessons?

Learning to sing requires introspection to recognize when we need help. We can all teach ourselves to sing to a certain extent. Although there are many naturals out there, this isn’t true for most of us. The fundamentals of singing come instinctively in the beginning. The majority of my clients seek help after realizing their limitations. With time, tensions develop and bad habits prevent us from singing higher, lower, louder, softer and more beautifully. Being asked whether we have ever taken voice lessons may be offending to some. As a teenager, I remember feeling funny when asked this question the first time. I immediately reacted by thinking “What’s wrong with my voice?” Then my thoughts turned into: “Singing lessons? Me? I don't need singing lessons!” Sure, I didn't (of course I'm being ironic)! Singers, and I’m not afraid to be the first to admit it: we have the biggest egos!

The question, “Have you ever taken singing lessons?” is often not a reflection on any flaws but rather a suggestion to develop the vocal instrument to its full beauty and possibilities. It means the person asking recognizes your talent and immense potential! It's a good sign showing you have something special. So let me ask you: “Have you ever taken any singing lessons?” If not, you're probably doing alright for the moment having simply followed your intuition, what your body is telling you and using common sense. But what if you were 10 times better than you think you are now?

So why, oh why do we not take voice lessons seriously earlier in life? Could it be that anyone can sing? Having such an accessible instrument is very appealing. There isn't much consideration into choosing to sing. We just do it. We assume singing is simple and therefore underestimate it. Perhaps, when investing in the actual purchase of an instrument such as a piano or violin, the selection process triggers motivation to start lessons. We hope to see the fruits of our investment and we know this means work! Joining a local choir, singing at a school talent show, in a band or a karaoke bar just for the simple pleasure of it is awesome. On the other hand, most of us wouldn't dare picking up a guitar and join a band without having spent considerable time learning how to play it. We singers, don't hesitate performing in front of an audience with little to no formal training as petrifying an experience as this might be for some. In a way this is wonderful.

By the way, although choir experience may help in developing and understanding the voice, it does not qualify as voice lessons in my books. Choir directors generally know a fair bit about singing and may give their singers pointers and a variety of vocal strategies. Although instructive and definitely relevant, the advise is usually generalized and not individualized. Actually, it was in CEGEP, while I was studying classical guitar at Vanier College and a member of the mandatory choir class, that my choir director asked me this very same question again: “Have you ever taken singing lessons?” Her name was Jean. She suggested that I'd try “Voice” as my second instrument. Having been asked this question a few times now, I was more open to it. I welcomed her recommendation more enthusiastically. After a few voice lessons, I soon realized that my talent for singing far exceeded my guitar playing. I ended up switching to “Voice” the following semester and went on to pursue classical singing in university. Her question was life changing.

You are an AMAZING singer. I want you to succeed. I want to help you win. Are you ready to make a change that could potentially open doors that you never even knew existed?

If you want to discuss how we can work together to beautify your tone, maximize your range and volume while eliminating vocal straining, and be in your BEST vocal shape ever, click below to book your FREE consultation session with me:

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