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Eagle Wisdom

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

If I were an animal, I would probably be a bird. I often imagine flying up high in the sky over beautiful landscapes, breathing in the fresh air and reveling in the ecstasy of such freedom. Always guided by the elements. Trusting my natural instinct to stay on my path and clear of obstacles. Gliding and twirling, enjoying the moment and going places! Always looking ahead without loosing track of where I am on my journey so that I don't get blinded by the light because you know what they say: don't get too close or you will get burnt. My wings would be strong and powerful but my feathers soft and nurturing. My song, sweet and up-lifting. My spirit, resilient and brave.

I aspire to these traits in real life too. Recently, a video about eagles forwarded to me by a friend caught my attention. What wisdom can you learn from eagles in order to inform your singing? Well, a lot it turns out!

The video starts with a warning: don't be a parrot! It's true, the journey begins by figuring out who you are. By finding your own unique voice. What should you sound like? What do you want to sing about? Individuality is what makes you interesting. Don't be afraid of showing your true colours! I found more inspiration in the following facts:

  1. Eagles fly alone at high altitude: to reach high standards of performance, a considerate amount of alone time is required to perfect your art. Embrace it!

  2. Eagles have vision: it is always easier to move in the direction of your dream when you are clear about what you want in life. Realistic and achievable dreams provide for more satisfaction when they are most likely to come true. In the words, of Mike Drooley, never ever imagine your dream... Imagine yourself as if the dream had already came true! Get yourself one step ahead of the game by taking consistent action towards your target and always keep moving forward.

  3. Eagles are fearless: although fear triggers great protection mechanisms, it can also be harmful if you choose to focus on it too much. Fears can indicate areas of need and opportunities for empowerment. See a good opportunity when it presents itself and work on your demons to better yourself!

  4. Eagles are tenacious: when a challenge presents itself, roll up your sleeves and face it. Persevere until you win. There are no problems, only solutions.

  5. Eagles never eat dead things: your body is your sanctuary. It also happens to be your instrument. Health is of utmost importance for any serious singer. Eat a varied diet of fresh produce that includes cruciferous vegetables and a fair amount of protein. Exercise regularly, plan for time in nature to invigorate your soul, and meditate to calm your mind. The biggest enemies of the voice are cigarettes, alcohol and soft and hard drugs.

  6. Eagles prepare for training: it's never too late to learn about correct vocal technique! If not now, then when are you going to get the KNOWLEDGE you need to EXCELL at what you LOVE? Stop procrastinating and do something to fix the vocal concerns that have been holding you back for years. I specialize in removing tension from the vocal instrument. Most of my clients dramatically expand their range, projection and beautify their tone in about 6-8 weeks. The benefits of investing in yourself with serve you for the rest of your music endeavours. What are you waiting for?

  7. Eagles possess vitality: vibration is at the origin of your existence. You sing because it makes you feel ALIVE! Singing rejuvenates your entire physical being and soothes every corner of your soul.

This energy is priceless. If you care about reigniting the life force of singing that connects you to your source as well as to the rest of humanity, all you have to do is set up a FREE consultation with me so that we can chat about your needs and wildest dreams.

I can help you fuel that new current of vocal mastery that will unlock endless beautiful doors to your future. Go to:

With my eagle eye I see... YOU!

P.S.: If like me you were curious to know what the eagle's call might sound like, take a listen to it here. And here is its courtship song.

See you on cloud nine!



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