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Covid-19; How Singing Can Help You Get Through The Crisis

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The whole world is taking measures to contain the Corona Virus and keep each other, especially our vulnerable elderly population, healthy. This is a serious and trying time, an awful global pandemic that is getting out of control. In the wake of many worldwide government and health agency recommendations, restrictive social distancing and self-isolation are small sacrifices to make in order to eliminate Covid-19 and save lives. Keeping in mind that vibration is life and that singing is universal, it once again comes to the rescue to offer a little bit of light among the fear and general hysteria.

1) Sing A Song And Wash Your Hands

Children in my classroom were singing "Happy Birthday" and the alphabet while washing their hands. Let's follow their lead but let's also pick more interesting songs (if I hear one more person singing "Happy Birthday"...)! Why not choose from your favorite bands or artists instead? Many have come out of their way to gather suggestions that will last you at least 20 seconds. Here is a list by genres:

You can even create info-graphics based on your favorite song using this site:

When tired of singing songs, try vocal warm-up exercises such as lip thrills and humming slides; for more ideas read my blog "5 Gentle Vocalizes To Warm-Up Your Voice".

2) Sing To Boost Your Moods

Social distancing and self-isolation is adding to the usual blues of the winter season thankfully nearing its end, and looking at the bigger picture, to the alarming sentiment of this whole tragedy. A poignant yet beautiful video of quarantined Italians singing from their balconies to comfort each other has been circulating on social media. Singing has been shown in history to bring people together. A glimpse of joy amid the eye of the storm is welcomed. The vibrations of singing are soothing and de-stress. So boost your serotonin and get singing! Which brings me to...

3) Increase Your Vocal Practice Time

If like me you've had to cancel traveling plans and received news that your March break has been extended or your employer is encouraging work from home, you probably have anything from a few extra hours to a lot more extra time on your hands. The increasing cancellation of events and closure of public spaces such as libraries and museums is limiting our choice of activities. It's a bittersweet situation to find ourselves confined in our homes instead of living our normal lives. On the bright side, social distancing is the perfect excuse to re-arrange your schedule and include more time working on your voice. I will be dedicating the next few weeks to more singing and writing my book on vocal technique. How will you be incorporating more singing into your day? Why not re-purpose the time saved on commuting to work directly towards practicing for instance? Skip the movie theater and practice singing instead. Avoid restaurants not only to avoid crowds and save time, but also to feed your voice and body with healthy food for a stronger immune system. Hence double, even triple your usual practice time and reach your vocal goals faster. Assuming that you are well, grab your day planner now and start selecting time slots to maximize your progress. Switch your focus from an otherwise stressful crisis onto a productive period.

We're all in this together. Stay healthy and sing your heart out...


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