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Back To Singing

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Who's ready for back to school? It is with feelings of nostalgia for a summer that once again went by way too fast and excitement for new opportunities that we welcome a new chapter in our lives this September.

You all know that I am a vocal coach, the owner of Voice Yourself Singing but some of you might not be aware that I am also a full-time elementary school teacher. I have taught Grade One & Two French Immersion most of my 20 year career until recently when my assignment was changed to teach Senior Kindergarten French Immersion. One of the reasons that I love teaching the younger age groups besides the fact that they are just absolutely so adorable and not without saying easily impressionable, is that I can integrate a lot of my musical and creative background into teaching. For example, it has been custom in my classroom to begin our morning routine with a French song. Singing has always been a favourite to learn languages. Kids learn better when they have fun. Singing gets them moving. It's a stress and pressure free strategy to let them express themselves and experiment with new words as well as getting in touch with their kinaesthetic side. Plus, when I see my students happy, I feel happy. What more can I ask for?

You can only imagine my disappointment last year when authorities told teachers that in the light of the pandemic, singing was forbidden as part of the Covid-19 prevention measures. It was a real bummer... We tried to reintegrate a bit of singing while we were teaching remotely but kids felt weird singing and dancing by themselves in front of the screen!

Thankfully, this September is looking a whole lot different. My principal announced last year that singing is back on the table. I am so relieved! Students will be thrilled to sing together during French class and with their music teacher too.

What about you? Did you have to put singing on the back burner over the last year due to the pandemic as you adapted and juggled working from home and looking after your children's virtual learning? I understand that this transition was exhausting for most of us. And who wants to sing when you have no more energy left?

Or perhaps you were out and about enjoying the gorgeous warm weather and neglected your singing in lieu of having too much summer play... And that's ok too!

With the return of more structured life, I invite you to take advantage of this positive wind of change to focus on your voice again. Make time out of your less, although most likely still busy schedule to sing. Practice consistently, join a choir, get together with other musicians to jam and show up at open mic nights.

If you've been holding onto bad habits and are ready to get things right once and for all...

If you are interested in looking a little bit deeper into your vocal technique to truly unleash your singing potential...

If you are feeling inspired to do something nice for yourself, to reward your hard work and efforts with expert guidance in order to take your singing to the next level...

If you have desperately been searching for the missing piece of the puzzle that will boost your confidence through the roof and take you to the top of your game...

Let's chat!

Because singing is IMPORTANT to you! Yes, it is! If you're a little bit like me, singing is an integral part of who you are. It's the one consistency in your life you can always count on. Because there is a song to sooth your every mood and situation. In sadness, anger and in JOY! Always remember to nurture what brings light to your soul: fill your heart with music and love. By taking a step in the direction of your dreams, you get back to what truly matters and what attracts even more BEAUTY to your life.

I'm currently looking for singers who believe in the magic of singing and want to unlock their skills fully. If that's you, go to my calendar and set a time for your FREE consultation. I can't wait to hear about your vision!

Singing matters,



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