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What's Holding You Back?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

You have been singing for years now and consider yourself a skilled musician. You frequently watch YouTube videos on vocal technique and have even purchased a few books on the topic. Parents and friends have given you amazing feedback on your voice and you feel somewhat confident in your singing. And yet, deep inside, you know that you still have a long way to go because you are experiencing day to day limitations. For example...

You often find yourself juggling different keys to accommodate your range. If you sing in a band, this inconveniences everyone who has to adapt to your needs.

Some of your favorite songs have high notes that you can reach but only inconsistently. It's awesome when it works but a bit embarrassing when it doesn't. It's easier not to include these songs on your set rather than facing the anxiety of a potential disaster!

You absolutely LOVE to sing but you can only do so once in a while due to the vocal fatigue you experience afterwards. Songs that requires belting are also out of the question for the same reason. So instead of fixing the problem where it originates, you choose to moderate your singing.

When you are self-conscious about your pitch and the technical delivery of a song, you shy away from any emotional output. This takes away most of your musicality and kills all possible connection between you and your audience.

What it comes down to is: you would like to understand your voice better but you haven't taken the plunge to sign up for singing lessons yet. Why?

1) Time

It's now or never! When you really want something, you make it happen. You tell me that you can't squeeze in an hour of your time weekly for a singing lesson? Look at your schedule carefully and decide how this could be possible. Next step, find more time to practice. If you want your financial investment to come to fruition, you must also practice between lessons. That is the bigger part of the equation. If you are already singing regularly, this should be a piece of cake!

2) You think you can do it on your own.

It makes sense, right? You learned to play guitar or piano mostly independently so why would you not be able to do the same for singing? You press your fingers on the string and strum or move the bow along. You place your fingers on the fingerboard and you blow. You press down a few keys. All you have to do, is open your mouth, let the voice out and voilà! It seems simple enough. After all, everybody can sing!

And you can learn to sing by yourself, but it will take you a loooong time to figure it out. You see, singing is very abstract in comparison to other instruments. Your instrument is your body. It involves coordinating multiple tiny muscles at once, many of which you can't even see. If you can't move vocal folds as deliberately during vocal production as you would your hands on any other instrument, it is also true that the way you perceive resonance and how your muscles interact in creating sound varies from person to person.

Generic advise from a YouTube video is not going to take you very much further in your vocal development because it's not tailored to your individual needs. It may actually make matters worse.

As your vocal coach, I will tell you EXACTLY what you are doing wrong and how to fix it. We are going to use a variety of SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE strategies to get you the outcome you seek.

3) Money

If singing is important to you, then I strongly recommend to look at your cash flow to see how you can make it happen. See if you can pay using a credit card. Is there a close someone who loves your singing and would be willing to support your endeavors that way? Do you have any items that no longer serve you that you can sell? What spending can you sacrifice to reallocate some cash towards singing lessons? Here is what I don't get. Many musicians would not hesitate to buy a new guitar, expensive microphone and other recording tools and yet neglect the idea of investing in singing lessons. You can't buy a voice at your local music store but you can develop it. It's true that singing lessons require a certain financial input but the return for your investment is worthwhile if you choose to work with the right vocal coach.

The sentiment of achievement and the doors that vocal freedom and stamina will open will amaze you. Imagine how much happier you would be with yourself is you actually loved EVERYTHING about your singing and felt proud to show it off... Your voice is a part of who you are. Nothing is more important in life than self-love. Do you agree? And that is priceless.

4) You tried singing lessons before and it didn't do ANYTHING!

Sadly, I hear this a lot. It comes back to singing being very abstract. A great singer does NOT make a great singing teacher. There are many wonderful naturally gifted singers turned vocal coaches but who unfortunately don't understand vocal technique enough to competently pass along their knowledge. Many of my clients come for guidance after failed attempts at singing lessons and need help repairing their voice. Don't let it be you. Do it right the first time or make a change if your current vocal coach is not meeting your expectations.

I'm happy to help whether singing lessons is new for you or vocal remediation is necessary. With two B.A.s (one in Fine Arts | Specialization Music Performance and the other in Education) and 18 years of teaching experience under my belt both privately and in the public school system, I understand the ins and outs of vocal technique. I am very intuitive therefore identifying problems and offering adequate resolution is what I specialize in. I especially LOVE to help clients with tension and vocal straining.

I currently have 3 openings for serious and dedicated singers who are interested in expanding their skills. What you have already taken years trying to resolve could be a thing of the past in less than two months. FREE your voice, change your LIFE! If that sounds like you, please follow the link below and sign up for a consultation with me so that we can discuss your short and long term goals, and see if our learning and teaching styles are compatible.

Remember: it's what makes you HAPPY. YOUR DREAM. Are you ready for to take the leap?

See you on the other side!



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