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Is Your Throat Killing You?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Do you feel like you haven't been yourself lately, vocally speaking? Does your voice feel tired after practicing, band rehearsals or a show? Are you experiencing anxiety over the possibility of losing your voice or permanently injuring it?

Most singers experience the same vocal fatigue that you do at some point in their life. It's inevitable to develop bad habits that will hinder your singing over time. This is not surprising when we think that the majority of singers neglect to ever take singing lessons. Taking the voice for granted is common. You may think that your singing is not that bad but don't kid yourself; people can tell when you are struggling. This state of denial is killing you softly as well as eating up at your confidence. After a while your overall performance begins to suffer. Sooner or later you will realize that you don't sing the same way you used to anymore and the frequent vocal fatigue will take a toll on your morale too. It's not cool to lose something you love. Especially something that brings you so much joy as an inherent part of your whole unique being.

This is a problem if singing is your therapy. If it's a passion. If your goal is to get noticed and make a name for yourself.

You know that you're an incredible singer. That you have it in you but you start comparing yourself with others in search of some kind of reassurance only to find out that maybe you're not all that you thought you were after all...

You worry that the competition is MORE INTENSE than you realized. That they have something you don't. They make it seem so easy and effortless. What if they move ahead while you sit back and figure out where you failed? How would that make you feel?

And you're absolutely right to worry about that because according to 90.7% of musicians never get discovered. That means that you have less than 1 chance out of 10 to make it in the music business. It means that if singing is important to you, you must do EVERYTHING you can to get the odds on your side.

Singing without straining is of prime importance. Could singing mastery make or break a deal?

Consider that in the worst case scenario, if you don't fix your vocal problems, nodules may develop on your vocal cords. Sure they can be surgically removed, but the surgery is expensive and the result not guaranteed. Plus, even when successful, without vocal rehabilitation, nodules will be back to make your life a living hell. You may never be able to sing again. Not even as a hobby. And that's scary.

And more than that, you need to be absolutely certain that you:

  • hit all the notes

  • sing from the soul

  • maintain vocal stamina

  • engage your audience

  • show up!

All these elements are crucial if you want to become a successful singer.

Yes, the odds are against you.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

In fact vocal health should be at the top of your priorities. It's a combination of strategies that must be individualized to your needs that will help you turn the situation around in order to learn how to sing better. You may learn a few tricks on social media but you won't find the answers you really need in a blog, a YouTube video or a TikTok post. Those who make it to the top and enjoy the longevity of a music career are able to step on their ego. They have the guts to seek out help when they need it. Working with an expert singing teacher to eliminate vocal fatigue doesn't guarantee your superstar status, but beyond a doubt, it will get you closer to SUCCESS.

Over the past few years, I have maintained a 5 star Google rating when it comes to helping singers reach their vocal goals. Many of the singers I've worked with here in Toronto or from my Facebook group Sing Higher, Louder and Effortlessly are singing, recording and gigging more than EVER before thanks to their newfound vocal skills.

I know that as a talented singer, you believe that you deserve the BEST possible shot at following your bliss. This could range from having an amazing singing career to simply making music with your friends. It doesn't matter if your music dreams are humble or really wild! They all start with EXCELLENT vocal skills.

Now you have two choices. You can either keep doing what you're already doing and try to wing it...

Or you can decide to invest in mentoring by seeking professional help.

I believe that you have something special to offer to the world. That you have the potential to touch people with your music. That vocal freedom could unleash your full talent, artistry and HAPPINESS. That understanding your voice and the ability to express your BEAUTIFUL self could even CHANGE your life!

But even so, I've seen far too many singers waste their time and energy on trying to figure it out themselves and fail. Even if they practiced really hard putting all of their heart into it. And the real tragedy of this is that with my help, they would have been virtually guaranteed to correct their vocal technique. You see, singing at your best is easy but only with the RIGHT approach.

You are an AMAZING singer. I want you to succeed. I want to help you win. I'm taking a stand for you right now. A stand for you and ALL that you can BE. I'm taking a stand by telling you to reach out! In-person or online singing lessons are at your disposal but first, watch my FREE masterclass in which I explain the 5 steps my clients use to sing higher, louder and perform at their best: Move in for the kill. Give your voice a new life.

Anew, Val


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