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How To Nail Your Next Audition

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

If you are considering auditioning for The Voice, you are not alone. Thousands of singers will give this exciting opportunity of a lifetime a shot. Auditions have already started; are you ready?

Are you conflicted about what songs would best show off your vocal talent? How can you perform at your best when you're only given a minute and a bit to sing? Do you worry about whether you can convey enough emotional intensity during a virtual audition? How much control over your voice do you have under pressure?

Woman singing at an audition.

If you worry about being rejected, so should you. Thousands of singers try to get on The Voice. There are tons of super talented singers out there. And yet, less than 200 singers will be called back for the Blind Auditions.

For singers who are at their 2ndor 3rdattempts and keep being turned down, the pill is harder and harder to swallow. You know that you're an amazing singer but somehow you just don't seem to cut it and it drives you nuts! You are starting to see yourself as damaged goods... Where are you going wrong? What are you missing?

Being turned down for a TV show is not the end of the world. But if you know deep down that you messed up when you only had one chance at giving the right impression, the experience can put a sting in your confidence for a long time. It sucks! It's the disappointment, the anger at yourself that hurts the most... Knowing that you are so much better and yet you failed. What do they have that you don't?

You find all of the excuses in the world to justify your mishap. But it doesn't help you grow. Plus, even if the odds were against you to begin with, the truth is, everybody else was probably in the same boat. You can always try again on the next season. However, unless you make drastic changes to your performance, the outcome will be EXACTLY the same, killing your hopes at making it in the music business.

If you want any chances at all at getting your foot in the door, you must absolutely make sure of the following:


Judges want to be entertained. Pick songs of contrasting styles that express your personality and show your vocal versatility. Avoid songs made famous by previous competitors or recent greatest hits (if I hear this song again...!). The song must be at once melodic and moving. Either emotionally or physically... Knock the judges off their feet!

Stay in your comfort zone. If you decide to challenge yourself with an advanced song, make sure it is 110% ready for the audition. It must appear easy and therefore no longer out of your comfort zone. If judges can tell the song was out of your comfort zone, you didn't do a good job!


Remember that you will be performing for music industry specialists. You must be in full control of your voice or judges will immediately take notice of your flaws. The music business is a fast moving and sometimes cruel world. The last thing producers need is a singer who can potentially become a reliability for the show. If your technique makes it obvious that you are straining, forget about your chances at getting picked. On the other hand, singing from a place of vocal mastery and ease allows you to immerse yourself in the music and express a deeper artistic and emotional understanding of your songs. Confidence is sexy. It's as simple as that.


Detach from any outcome. Wanting desperately to make it on the show will only ruin your mindset. Don't pressure yourself with getting selected and just have fun. Whatever comes out of it is a bonus.


It's your time to shine. Give evidence of your showmanship by flirting with your imaginary audience during your virtual audition. Talk and sing to the camera as if it were a real person. Move expressively and dance as you would in person. If you make it to the Blind Audition, judges may not see you but the audience can. The crowd's response may influence the judges' perception. So work it. Work it good!

These tips are not merely suggestions. They are essential.

In all honesty, The Voice should be your last option at making a name for yourself. If your motivation to sing comes from fame, think again. Root your pursuit of success in healthier motives or you will be heading for disaster.

The need for self-expression, channeling energy, artistic growth and ultimately doing what you love independent of becoming famous are more rewarding.

I have had the pleasure of assisting countless fantastic singers achieve their vocal goals over the last 18 years. My Google reviews speak for themselves.

A first step to maximizing your full singing potential and advance your career is to get your voice under control. And if you're only singing as a hobby but aspire to better your skills, that's awesome too!

You can keep on trying to figure it all out on your own or finally do something productive about it.

Every single singer has a unique gift worth sharing. So do you! I believe in your power to change the world with your singing. Give yourself the opportunity to fully express your talent and connect with your higher purpose. Correct vocal technique is the missing link between singing your heart out and actually making an impact.

It saddens me to see so many singers give it all up after putting in so much time and effort trying to make it on their own. The struggle is real and disheartening. I even hear it from touring artists, embarrassed by their own lack of singing knowledge often resulting in vocal injury. And all of this could have been easily avoided under my watch by being practically guaranteed to replace bad habits with correct vocal technique.

Give yourself a chance to succeed. Avoid failure and embarrassment. Seek expert guidance and thrive.

You are a WONDERFUL singer. Whether or not you get picked for The Voice is of little importance. I want to help you feel good about every single performance. I want to help you become the BEST singer you can be. I want you to lead a FLOURISHING life.

If you want to eliminate vocal straining, expand your range, sing louder and achieve vocal freedom, if you want to ACE your singing, join me in my FREE masterclass “Five Shifts to Uncover Your Best Voice”:

You're the bomb! Go get it!



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