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Are You A Doer or Don'ter?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I see many talented singers out there who long to find their true voice and share their gift with their family and friends but who lack the tools or mindset to go all the way in order to accomplish great things. They are very passionate about their art and they have the best intentions in the world but in reality, they struggle with finding the motivation to take their singing to the next level.

Then, there are those singers who make it big. Overnight it seems. What did they do differently to succeed?

Although those extraordinary singers make it look easy to be successful in music, appearances are deceiving. That is because all we see is the end result. Without perspective on where they came from and what they went through to arrive where they are today, we are oblivious to how they rise to whatever challenges they are faced with along their singing journey. This brings up the following question:

Are you a Doer or a Don'ter?

You are a Don'ter if...

You keep postponing practicing.

There is always a good excuse to explain why it didn't happen.

You've been wanting to sign up for singing lessons for years but always talk yourself out of it.

You're always short on time and money.

You give up easily when new learning doesn't happen as quickly as you hoped for.

You find it hard to take on new habits unless you are absolutely certain to succeed.

You are never quite good enough or quite ready yet to take up new challenges.

Fear of failure keeps you from seeking new opportunities to perform and express yourself creatively..

You keep waiting for the perfect situation to present itself.

Your goals are set so high that it makes them practically impossible to achieve.

As a result, your dream turns into an illusion or a never ending project. This kills your motivation to improve as a singer. You become passive towards the overall idea of bettering yourself as a singer because keeping your situation safe is easier. Why take such risks when you already have something good enough going?

So instead of seeking more joy and more abundance in your singing, you maintain the status quo and settle for mediocre.

The great news my friend is that it is up to you, and YOU alone to make a change.

Become a DOER!

Where you come from doesn't define where you are going. You are the driver of your destiny. Break the pattern of anxiety and procrastination by being decisive and taking ACTION. Find the enthusiasm to take singing initiatives with small but consistent actions EVERY DAY. Draft a plan on how to achieve your vocal goals that includes concrete but simple solutions to problems.

You know that vocal lessons can only benefit your singing and advance your career because you NEVER stop learning!

Getting things done makes you feel super confident. Instead of waiting for the most favorable circumstances, you have faith that you are looked after and that everything happens at the right time. If you want something, really want it, find ways to make it happen.

I know that there is no better satisfaction than getting quick results with less effort. That is why working with an expert vocal coach is of prime importance. With 20 years of experience as a singing teacher working with singers in my community, all over the country and even overseas thanks to the wonders of online singing lessons, I have helped thousands of singers just like you doing EXACTLY that. Learning how to sing better with complete vocal freedom can be yours in a very short period of time if you are interested in working together and committing to getting results.

I have a few openings left on my calendar this months to help you make the transition between being a Don'ter to becoming a Doer and therefore, the most INCREDIBLE singer you can be. You could go from AVERAGE to AWESOME with only a few singing lessons. Isn't it worth a try? I want to see you win. How to sing higher, louder and effortlessly is easy with the right approach. I know that singing is dear to your heart so let's chat about how to make this happen. Book your free Zoom consultation with me here:

Celebrate small successes often and enjoy the journey!

Just do it!


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