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Best Place To Practice?

Everybody loves to sing in the shower. My estimate is that a good 100% of us here do, haha! It is the reflective acoustic of the ceramic tiles bouncing the sound back and forth, blurring and consequently evening out the pitch that makes singing sound so amazing. Acting like a resonator, shower walls increase the volume and is oh, so forgiving! And that is fantastic (take that Beyonce)!!

But then comes the harsh reality of a flat neutral sounding space where you can hear all of your flaws... EVERYTHING! And you start realizing that you must spend more than a 10 minute singing shower session towards improving your skills.

So you start looking for a safe space where you can focus on your voice.

A problem that many of my clients experience is the lack of privacy when they share their home with roommates or family members that aren't always quite supportive of their work. Many singers living in apartment buildings worry about disturbing neighbours.

And I get it. Hearing someone singing the same song for hours everyday is not exactly pleasant. Even if you have the most beautiful voice. And it's not like you can mute your voice like an electric guitar or a piano keyboard. But this is what serious musicians must do: spend countless hours practicing. And singing is no exception.

If this situation sounds like yours, there are a few more options to explore.

1) Walk-In Closet When I lived in a small basement apartment, I used to practice in my walk-in closet. My clothes absorbed some of the vibrations and contained my piercing operatic singing. This seemed to work relatively well based on the fact that none of my neighbours complained but it was rather depressing!

2) School Vocal Booth A better alternative would be to find a vocal booth where you can practice. For example, if you are a university graduate you might have alumni privileges that allow you to use the university's music department facilities. Many high schools also have music booths that are very convenient. Can you talk to your children's principal to see if they will allow you in after hours?

3) Rent a Rehearsal Space If money isn't an issue, consider the option of renting an affordable music rehearsal studio. Public libraries and churches sometimes have rental spaces available too.

4) Karaoke Booth With Karaoke being so popular, renting a Karaoke booth (in the Asian tradition, not singing at a bar) allows you to sing specific songs with amplification and music accompaniment but you have to pay per play. It may not be ideal but surely fun!

5) Your Car Several of my clients report loving to practice in their car. The environment of a car acts like a well sound treated room. The voice you hear is absolutely accurate (whether that helps or not)! But most importantly, can you still concentrate on following the rules of the road when you drive and sing? Don't jeopardize your safety and others for singing!

If you feel dizzy from the deep breathing; pull the car over and resume when it is safe to do so... Ultimately, I can't in good conscience recommend singing and driving for safety reasons... But if you’re going to do it anyway, please, please, please… sing and drive responsibly! Keep your eyes on the road and stay safe. Perhaps, parking in an empty lot is better!

6) Your Room In the end, nothing beats practicing in the comfort of your own home, in a room away from distractions and people. Your room or may be in the basement, when everyone else is busy upstairs, is probably ideal. There is no surprise here. I wish I had a better answer for you!

Now, if you want to minimize the time you need to practice and maximize your outcome...

If you are ready to commit to your singing and invest in yourself...

If you are tired of wasting time on YouTube trying to figure out what you are doing wrong...

If you are coachable and are interested in learning correct vocal technique...

Then I would love to be of assistance! I have a simple but structured program tailored to individual needs that will bring you the results you seek. The only question you need to ask yourself is: how important is singing to you?

I offer a FREE consultation for singers who want to sing higher, louder and effortlessly. Head over to my calendar and reserve your spot as soon as possible so that we can chat about your vocal goals, rates and other info. Let's see if we are a good match:

Sing out!


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