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Arrrr You Ready To Sing?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Oye! Oye, Singers! It's no secret; pirates love to sing! Shanties keep us in rhythm when pushing and pulling together for different jobs. Whether working on raising the halyard or your range, steering your helm windward or managing your breath and keeping your spirit up, I've heard your S.O.S!

Are you self-conscious about your tone?Have you been feeling stuck overcoming your vocal break?Are you feeling out of breath before the end of your songs?Do you sometimes loose control of your voice?Does your lack of vocal technique knowledge result in low confidence?Does your throat hurt after rehearsing?Do you wish to take your singing skills to the stage? To perform and be recognized for your talent?Do you feel scared and confused that you will NEVER get it right?

Here's Captain V. to your rescue! I have roamed the high winds and seven seas to find some of the best clues for your vocal treasure hunt.

Pretend: Play rock star to thousands of imaginary fans. Different parts of the brain engage when we pretend in comparison to “trying” something. You are more likely to get it right when you sing playfully and in character. Stop analyzing every single move. You are overthinking your singing. Just sing! So put on that wig and sun glasses, grab your hair brush and sing away! Exaggerate. Make faces. Shake that bootee. Take space (lots of it). Sing like no one is listening. You are the star of the night!

Dress The Part: I too love wearing high heels and skinny jeans but the truth is: they are not comfortable for singing, haha! Favour loose tops so that you can breathe freely. Avoid anything making you feel self-conscious or that restricts your movement, especially if awkward when moving around. Don't let your clothes take your singing focus away. Always practice in the clothes you plan on wearing on performance day. Dress according to the event. Do not overcompensate for your voice with over-the-top costumes!Candy

Self-Control: Many many full moons ago, I got rid of all the sweets in the house (it was delicious)! By the way, yes... you can really overdose on candy, haha! Sugar puts our white cells in a 3-hour coma severely diminishing the immune system to its lowest capacity. No wonder the flu season explodes after Halloween! With the current Pandemic, is it a risk you're willing to take? Save your health and your voice; avoid candies at all cost!

Imagine if you could steal everyone's thunder at your next audition...Wouldn't it be awesome to finally have the guts to record and share your voice with the world?How would it feel to sing your heart out and stun your audience with your brilliant performance?

Have you been caught between the devil and the deep blue sea? Is your boat keeling over? If so, it's time to know the ropes and tie up those loose ends. I have put together an amazing road-map to help you find your unique voice, a JEWEL in the rough. With a little bit of digging, uncovering your best singing self is easy. Come aboard this eye opening adventure by joining me on my FREE masterclass below:

P.S.: Next time you go “Trick or Treating' with your kids and the neighbours ask for a song; I know you'll be leading the choir!

Happy Halloween!



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