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All About Mothers!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

To highlight Mother's Day, I was inspired to talk about singing and motherhood. If vibration is life then giving birth is the epiphany of life! A big thank you goes out to all mothers for giving us the greatest gift of all!

And with that in mind, what better way to bond with an unborn child then to sing to your baby? If you thought that singing made you feel good, imagine how it makes your baby feel! Indeed, singing produces a spike in oxytocin and endorphins. This helps alleviate feelings of anxiety and encourages relaxation. Endorphins in particular are associated with pleasure. Therefore: happy mom, happy baby!

Not only does singing soothe the mind, body and soul, it also soothes your baby's. Since babies can hear and recognize familiar voices and music from inside the womb, pre-natal singing establishes an instant connection between the you of two. Isn't it absolutely AMAZING?! What a wonderful opportunity for your child to get to know you better and for you to begin instilling a positive mindset in his/her sub-conscious. Plus, if scientists believe that playing music to your baby improves cognitive development and creatively, there is a lot to gain by using the power of vibration to entertain your precious one. What if exposing your child to your singing and music so early increased his/her hearing, musical intelligence and overall IQ? This is at once exciting and promising: no song will go unnoticed by your little genius in the making!

No doubt, babies love to hear their mother sing. Lullabies are cool but songs that are particularly meaningful to you are superb! Think of a couple of songs that you LOVE. Pick songs according to their positive lyrics and emotional content. Songs that trigger happy memories and those fuzzy heartfelt vibes are perfect. Sing those songs during pregnancy every day. Which one would you like to sing as you hold your son or daughter in your arms for the first time? It would be AWESOME, if dad were able to sing as well with you in the delivery room, as we know you are most likely to feel super exhausted at that very moment.

Continue to sing those same songs after birth to distract and grab your baby's attention when he/she is acting fussy. Nothing dries a baby's tears faster (without replacing feeding obviously)! You may even find singing groups for new moms to sing together a few weeks down the line. Incorporating singing to your family tradition is to be treasured for years and years to come as your baby grows into a beautiful boy or girl and into adulthood.

Several of my future-mom clients, rave about how my singing lessons not only boost their vocal skills and overall well-being, but also helps them prepare for child birth by learning adequate breath management and engaging muscles that open their pelvis. This is a fantastic addition to the overall unmatched benefits of singing as described earlier.

If you are currently expecting, there isn't much time left to invest in yourself and free your voice because your life will soon be completely turned around when your focus shifts 100% toward nursing and caring for your new born... So think about it...

Vocal freedom could be the key to a life long opportunity to express yourself creatively and emotionally connect with your family and friends.

It might become your coping mechanism to avoid postpartum depression and uplift your spirit in times of hardship.

It could be your way to commune with your source: your HEART centre.

Maybe it already is. I know that singing is a HUGE part of your identity. If it is as much fun as it is transformative, expanding your talent is a gift to yourself with an endless ripple effect around those you love and who love you.

Singing is GIVING back.

Singing is SHARING a little piece of yourself with the world.

Singing is LOVE with an extra big L.

And of course, mother or not, this is true for everyone!

If you are ready to discover your ultimate vocal magic, I'm eager to be part of your journey! Find out how my clients and I use simple breakthrough strategies to sing higher, louder and effortlessly. Vocal freedom could be yours starting with this simple step:

Book your FREE consultation with me today and let's get you moving towards fulfilling your dearest singing life purpose and dreams:

Happy Mother's Day!



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