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All About Fathers!

Fathers: care givers, role-models, heroes, wisemen. They wear many hats and they mean so much to us. Today is a time to honour their influence in our life, celebrate how special they are, show appreciation for all they do for us and say THANK YOU!

I always think of singing as the perfect tool to commune in music and if you are anything like me, your father has played a close role in you becoming a musician. I have yet to hear my dad sing, but he certainly is super creative and musical. Not without saying, a fantastic entrepreneur. He has taught himself to play djembe and now guitar. We like to jam on Christmas night and sometimes when we see each other during the summer. Him at the drum, me on the guitar and vocals and my sister on the violin. My niece usually joins us too with other percussive instruments from my dad's place. We have fun!

He is my inspiration for dreaming big and always going after what I want in life. Just like him, I am always working on something... “Un projet n'attend pas l'autre” as we say in my native language.

How will you make your dad's heart smile today?

Will you be dedicating a song to him?

Singing his favorite song?

Or better yet... Write him a song?

When I was little, I remember putting together short concerts with my sister on Father's Day. I was trying to think of what song my dad would like me to sing for him this year but I couldn't come up with one in French... This goes to show that after almost half a century knowing each other, there is still so much to discover. He remains a little bit of a mystery and that is a good thing! I shall ask him for a French song later today when we'll speak.

If you are about to become a dad soon, I encourage you to start singing to your unborn baby now. You will remember from my recent article on motherhood that babies recognize their parents' voice really early in the womb. Therefore, hearing your singing is very soothing. If you pick a meaningful song for your baby that you can sing often, he/she will also start making connections to it. How amazing would it be to sing this song to your child as he/she takes his/her first breath in the outside world? What a wonderful way to welcome a newborn and pave the way to an incredible life!

If you are looking for a father and child moment of quietude and an opportunity to bond, singing is perfect! Putting your child to sleep with a lullaby comes to mind. Need ideas for songs to sing that aren't too redundant and are a nice change from the traditional lullabies? Have a look at the list put together by below:

  1. “Forever Young"—Bob Dylan

  2. "Three Little Birds"—Bob Marley

  3. "Blackbird"—The Beatles

  4. "As Tears Go By"—The Rolling Stones

  5. "Wildflowers"—Tom Petty

  6. "Dear God"—Avenged Sevenfold

  7. "Silent Lucidity"—Queensryche

  8. "Little Wing"—Jimi Hendrix

  9. "Beautiful Boy"—John Lennon

  10. "St. Judy’s Comet"—Paul Simon

This ain't no secret: fathers are cool. They are often the ones to introduce kids to their favourite music, giving them a taste of what it could be like to become a pop star. As children grow older and develop their own talent, it's wonderful to see fathers singing with their children but also support their endeavours by investing in music lessons, going to their shows, sharing their performances on social media and basically being their number one fan while looking out for their best interest. Many of those fathers turned managers are a trustworthy presence and just awesome to have around.

Do you sing or jam with your dad? Or do you sing or jam with your children? I love to hear when singing is present in a father and daughter/son relationship! On that note, I'd like to wish all of the fathers in this group a fantastic and happy Father's Day! You are LOVED!




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