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Voice Yourself Singing Inc.

Unlock your full potential with Val Bastien, your expert singing teacher! Beautify your tone, expand your range, discover belting techniques, and improve your pitch through easy yet effective methods. Thousands of singers have already experienced the benefits of eliminating vocal fatigue and achieving effortless performance. Are you ready to harness

the incredible skills that will uncover your unique voice 

while embracing the freedom to sing wholeheartedly?


Imagine mastering any song, expressing it exactly as

you envision, releasing your music and captivating

your audience, whether it's family, friends or fans.

Make your dreams a reality!


Unleash your talent, record your masterpiece,

and perform at your best. The journey to 

transforming your singing and 

reaching new levels of success

starts here.


Schedule your

free consultation now!



Whether you aspire to move audiences with your music or simply seek to boost your confidence, I'm here to help. With 20 years of experience, I offer nurturing guidance for all levels. Immerse yourself in the joy of expressing yourself through music. Follow your bliss!



I’ve had the privilege of training with Val and I think she is amazing!!! Very involved, practical, to the point, yet easy going and extremely friendly. She has a magic touch to improve your voice and singing like no other. I strongly recommend Val to every person, professional or novice.

-Zeynep I. (Toronto)

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